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Watch us take a Nintendo Switch out of the box

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Today is Nintendo Switch day, and while some of you might be fighting off the FOMO, two of our team should be jumping in right now. Well, actually, poor Alessandro just has to hope that Takealot wasn’t lying to him when they said it was on its way, so Geoff is the only one who is playing right now. But first, he paused to film a video showing him taking it out of the box.

Without any ado, here is the video and console in all its glory:

I still have such mixed feelings about the Switch. I absolutely adored my hands on time with it – it’s fun and feels fantastic. There are already some fun party games on it, and the family friendly games are a given with Nintendo. Plus, Zelda has received the highest reviews of pretty much anything ever. So it’s really really great. And yet… I’m just not compelled to buy it yet.

At this point, I think the Switch is a must buy for die-hard Nintendo fans. I used to think I was one of those, considering I’ve owned almost every Nintendo console. This time, though, I think I might just wait for a larger library, and maybe some bundled in games. That’s always my biggest gripe – I love buying new technology, but I need some software to come with that shiny new hardware, or it’s just a pretty new paper weight. Actually, I don’t even have many papers these days, so it doesn’t even serve that function.

How great is it to watch Geoff take stuff out of boxes? I wish more things released just so we could see videos of him. Okay, that sounded way creepier than intended. Nevermind, move along.

Last Updated: March 3, 2017

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