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What are Static Residential Proxies and Why You Should Use Them

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An IP (internet protocol) address is a unique code allocated to every device that connects to the internet. It’s used to identify the device and its location on the network, enabling it to communicate with other devices. It tells the network sending the requests and where to send the responses. Next, let’s look at proxies.

A proxy server allows you to connect to the internet, according to Wikipedia. It acts as a go-between, receiving requests from the users and forwarding them using its IP address, receiving responses, and delivering them to the user. Depending on how they work, proxies can be classified as static or dynamic. Static proxies route all traffic from a user device through a single IP address. Dynamic proxies use a DHCP server to assign the device a new IP address each time it connects to the internet, as explained by Microsoft.

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What Are Static Residential Proxies?

Before we answer what static proxies are, we need to understand residential proxies. A residential IP is a real IP address that belongs to an actual physical device with an internet connection issued by a legitimate ISP, according to IPBurger.com. These IPs are easy to locate and allow websites or ISPs to monitor their online activity easily. Static residential proxies route users’ traffic through these genuine residential IP addresses.

Static residential proxies assign users a dedicated residential IP in one physical location, which doesn’t change, for all their internet traffic. It masks their IP and makes them appear to be browsing from that physical location. Static IPs are vital for online activities like remote working, data entry, or eCommerce. They are essential in cases where using rotating IP addresses may lead to a ban or block. 

Pros of Using a Proxy Server

Like all types of proxy servers, static residential proxies have a specific set of advantages they bring to the table. Here are the most important ones.  

  • Bypassing geo-restrictions   

Proxy servers mask users’ IP addresses and allow them to choose from a pool of IP addresses from different locations. An IP in a different location allows them to freely access platforms, services, websites, and other online resources they wouldn’t be able to use directly.  

  • Improved privacy 

By masking the IP, location, browser activity, and other personal data, proxies act as a shield between users and the internet, giving them privacy and anonymity online.  

  • Data security 

Proxies prevent malware from malicious emails and websites directly accessing your system and data. They act as firewalls stopping cybercriminals and hackers from collecting your information or spreading malware that may harm your system.  

  • Unrestricted web scraping 

Proxies enable unhindered web and data scraping and sneaker copping by masking the user’s IP address and allowing them to use multiple IP addresses. 

Why Use a Static Residential Proxy

Static residential proxies offer solutions to a wide range of unique user needs and requirements. They provide the following additional benefits.  

  • Stability 

A static IP address doesn’t change, meaning the connection is stable without interruptions. It makes them excellent for businesses for accessible communication within a closed network.  

  • Speed 

Generally, when using a proxy, there’s a trade-off between speed and security. Shared proxies often limit your speed depending on the number of users, but static residential proxies are the exception. There’s no IP switching to slow static proxies down, and you can pay to exclusively use an IP without sharing it with other users, increasing your speeds.  

  • Reliability 

No IP rotation means no interruptions in the connection, making them averse to blocking. Static proxies are reliable for web indexing and location-specific tasks like page scraping and competition analysis.  

  • Legitimacy 

Static residential proxies are authentic IP addresses of real physical residential locations; they make the user appear as a legitimate resident of the chosen location. They allow users to access all the benefits granted to residents of that location. 

The Final Take

Static proxy servers are unique – they offer superb security, reliability, speeds, and stability, all at a price that definitely won’t break the budget. It’s essential that you source your static proxies from a secure, reliable, trustworthy, and legitimate proxy service provider. At IPRoyal, you can get reliable static residential proxies in multiple locations with great speeds and unlimited bandwidth for just $2.5 per IP!

Last Updated: July 10, 2023

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