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What Is Geo-Blocking and How to Bypass It

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The modern digital era brings tons of benefits for people. It has ensured easy access to tons of educational materials and different interesting information. Once you need to learn something, in 99,9 % of cases, you can find it on the Internet. Still, with advanced digital abilities, you can face some restrictions as well. Mostly, it is caused by certain regulations and laws. For instance, geo blocking is a well-known phenomenon. This is a special practice to restrict access to certain content based on a specific location. Thus, once facing familiar restrictions, you risk being banned from accessing certain materials.

Often, geo-blocking technologies are used to restrict access to websites that promote dangerous, unappropriated, or illegal activities. Still, many countries can block certain websites due to their state policy. Therefore, many travelers face situations where they cannot access the websites they easily visited once being home. Besides, there are many countries without real democracy. They can block their citizens from accessing certain websites without logical or fully legal reasons.

Key Method Used to Geo Block Internet Content

If some corporation or state wants to geo block definite content, the entire procedure is based on the usage of tracking and geolocation technologies. The user’s IP address is identified and prohibited from accessing certain content. The Internet Protocol (IP) address indicates your location, says Kaspersky. Once the IP is connected to a certain region or state where certain content is banned, the activation of geo-block is automated. Therefore, you lose a chance to access the wanted information. The required content will be unavailable and the user will get an “unavailable in your region” notification.

The geo-blocking is generally based on location issues. Thus, the IP address that is based on ISP and location, defines whether you get geo-blocked or not. The location connected to the IP address is both a problem and a solution. In case you know how to let the system ignore this destination, you can solve the problem. Moreover, there are different cases of geo-blocking. The streaming platform can block unauthorized users from accessing their copyrighted content. In other cases, the blocking can be caused by a desire of a certain country to restrict the access of its citizens to the defined website or platform. Often, such restrictions are far from rightful or democratic. Still, not every country in the world has a democratic regime.

How to Bypass Geo-Block Restrictions

No matter the reasons for blocking the content, the solution is single. You must use an advanced VPN to bypass a geo fencing restriction. VPN or virtual private network is a special program that allows bypassing geo-restrictions. For instance, if you need to access blocked content, you need Japan VPN online. This particular tool allows for changing your IP address. Thus, with advanced VeePN, you can change your location as well. In fact, VPN servers bring even more beneficial features for users. VeePN is a powerful program that masks your IP address. Moreover, a Japanese VPN encrypts your private and sensitive data.

You stay completely anonymous online once using VeePN. In addition, you gain more advanced options. Japan VPN online allows improving your Internet security. It protects your personal computer or another device from viruses and attacks. VPN servers can connect you to any server, in any country, thus the location issue is entirely solved. Besides, using VPN is highly beneficial when you use public Wi-Fi. Often, your personal information and data can be intercepted and stolen by hackers when public Wi-Fi is used. VPN blocks any hacker’s attempts. It created a secure channel for your Internet traffic. Every piece of information gets encrypted and privacy is never compromised.


Geo-blocking can become a serious issue when you are traveling. What is more, it can become a problem for those who need access to the usual content every day. Once you face any content restrictions based on your location, you need to find an effective solution. VPN is surely the exact working solution for you. VPNs bring numerous advantages for users, in addition to canceling geo-blocking. What is more, VPN allows one to remain completely safe once staying on the Internet. You can connect to public Wi-Fi, and keep your private information safe.

In addition, VPN allows you to stay completely anonymous all the time. Besides, VPNs are fully legal (source). The technology is extremely effective for those who constantly need to stay online. VPN ensures that the traffic channel is completely guarded. The information sent and received is encrypted. Moreover, since geo-blocking is based on location, VPN masks your IP address. You can appear to be located at any place in the world. The VPN servers allow you any IP address you need. Thus, even since geo-blocking can be a problem, there is always an effective solution. You can always install VPN to stay completely safe and, if needed, fully anonymous on the Internet.

Last Updated: October 10, 2022

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