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Every now and then I like to share my latest casual gaming addictions with you all. There was the infamous Cookie Clicker productivity killer, and now I have a new one for you. QuizUp isn’t just fun and addictive, it lets you claim bragging rights.

The game is developed by Plain Vanilla, an Icelandic development studio that could get the entire economy rebooted considering the appeal of this game. They’ve got plenty of financial backing – they even have fresh fruit and chocolate milk in their fridge at all times. Their team has created QuizUp for iOS and Android, and it’s totally free.

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The game is fairly simple – you pick a topic (and usually a sub-topic) and get paired up against another player somewhere in the world. You face off (in real time) on a series of trivia question within that topic. Depending on how quickly you answer (correctly), you get a certain number of points and the person with the most points wins. You can also challenge that person to a rematch, or link the game with your Facebook and twitter to find your real friends to send them challenges.

At the end of each match, you earn XP. That’s right, you level up in each topic. Obviously, you get more XP for earning more points, and for beating your opponent. Of course, people have knowledge on a wide range of strange things. At the moment, I’m doing quite well in General Knowledge, as well as House of Cards. Oh, and I dare any of you to challenge me at Spelling! Go pick up the game on Android or iOS. You can even propose new topics – imagine a Lazygamer trivia section. It could have such brilliant questions as “What is Darryn’s alternative nick name?” and “Which game appeared multiple times in the great top 10 list scandal of 2013?” – c’mon guys, make this happen.

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I really enjoy the variety of topics. I’m not just limited to my excellent knowledge of crappy TV – my impressive knowledge of 20th century history, 1990 snacks and various beer logos aren’t tainted by my lack of sports or car knowledge. Go, join up and play against friends and strangers. I want to challenge all of you.

Last Updated: April 30, 2014

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