ZeniMax targets Samsung Gear VR in wake of Oculus ruling

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In February this year, Bethesda and id parent company ZeniMax won its long-standing suit against VR maker Oculus. Their suit claimed that Oculus broke a number of non-disclosure agreements, and that the Rift and its associated technology was essentially built using tech owned by ZeniMax. A judge awarded the company with a $500 million payout.

“We are pleased that the jury in our case in the US District Court in Dallas has awarded ZeniMax $500 million for Defendants’ unlawful infringement of our copyrights and trademarks, and for the violation of our non-disclosure agreement with Oculus pursuant to which we shared breakthrough VR technology that we had developed and that we exclusively own,” the company said in a statement.

In addition, the jury upheld our complaint regarding the theft by John Carmack of RAGE source code and thousands of electronic files on a USB storage device which contained ZeniMax VR technology. While we regret we had to litigate in order to vindicate our rights, it was necessary to take a stand against companies that engage in illegal activity in their desire to get control of new, valuable technology.”

And now, ZeniMax is going after Samsung’s VR, solution, Gear VR. With Gear VR being built using Oculus tech, that makes it a natural target.

A new complaint by ZeniMAx’s army of lawyers suggests that Samsung’s Gear VR is “based upon ZeniMax’s intellectual property and includes information obtained by Samsung from Oculus, Luckey, and Carmack in violation of the NDA, ZeniMax’s copyrights, and Carmack’s employment agreement.”

The suit says that “Samsung has used, and continues to utilize, ZeniMax’s VR technology (or derivatives thereof) that was misappropriated by Oculus.”

The company says that Samsung “stands to realize substantial value as a result of its use of ZeniMax’s misappropriated intellectual property and information obtained by Samsung from Oculus, Luckey, and Carmack in violation of the NDA and Carmack’s employment agreement.”

They want damages and an injunction., because of course they do.

You can read the full complaint here (via UploadVR).

Last Updated: May 16, 2017

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