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Zoom sees a massive 3000% growth despite security concerns

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If Facebook’s continued popularity (despite many years of security and privacy issues) proves anything, it’s that people are not too concerned about online security and value functionality and convenience more than anything else. At least when their actual bank is not involved. We can now see the same trend with Zoom, which has arguably been the biggest company to benefit during these times of quarantine.

From the company only receiving around 10 million daily monthly users back in December it has now grown to a massive 300 million daily users as of April 22, a phenomenal jump in usage that is bound to catapult the company further into the big time. This growth has come despite the fact that Zoom’s many security flaws in its software have been exposed on more than one occasion and while they have made efforts to rectify many of the faults, it’s the audacity of them not having the same urgency for all these years that is perhaps most shocking of all.

While many security-conscious companies have moved their communications elsewhere as a result, Zoom’s convenience and openness to the general public has left it as the go to video-taking app for large groups of people. Things should get better when the company releases its new Zoom 5.0 update next week which should address the majority of the concerns. Like making passwords a default option, adding improved encryption and a new security icon to control meetings and ensure that there are no unintended participant in your discussion.

For the sake of security, this new focus should be their main driver moving forward rather than just chasing massive growth and putting the data of millions at risk.

Last Updated: April 24, 2020

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