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Monday Box Office Report – No breaking surprises here

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With the North American box office feeling the sleepy-eyed results of a Thanksgiving weekend from last week, the takings on offer were pretty much just leftovers. Twilight, Skyfall and Lincoln held onto their top three spots for the third week in a row, while new releases Killing them softly and The Collection made less of a splash than a hastily chucked in pool noodle.

Brad Pitt’s latest flick tanked harder than my attempt to host a dinner party, only with less dead people. Arriving with a $7 million take on debut, the Andrew Dominick directed film also received numerous F scores, and that’s from people that wanted to see the movie.

That word of mouth Cinemascore now puts Killing them softly in the top 8 list of films to receive such a damaging score, alongside movies such as Solaris and The Devil Inside.

As for the rest of the box office, here’s who made what:

  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 – $17.4 Million
  • Skyfall – $17 Million
  • Lincoln – $13.59 Million
  • Rise of the Guardians – $13.5 Million
  • Life of Pi – $12 Million
  • Wreck-It Ralph – $7.02 Million
  • Killing them softly – $7 Million
  • Red Dawn – $6.5 Million
  • Flight – $4.5 Million
  • The Collection – $3.4 Million

And now for some trivia! Ten years ago, the movie landscape wasn’t too different, as Pierce Brosnan said farewell to Bond in Die Another Day, which was in second place at that time. Harry Potter was ruling the box office in his first sequel, while Tim Allen was somehow still popular in The Santa Clause 2.

  • I’m quite surprised at that Cinemascore for Killing Them Softly, as not only does it look outstanding on paper and in the trailers, but virtually all of the reviews I’ve read at worst rate it as just good.

    I know that there’s always been a bit of a disconnect between the average moviegoer and the average film critic, but this really does look like it should be appealing to both.

    I’m still really excited to see it though.

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