Poster and trailer for Eddie Murphy's A Thousand Words – Yeah, I got a few words for ya right here…

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What the hell happened to Eddie Murphy?! At one stage the foul-mouthed comedian was arguably the funniest man on the planet, capable of sending an entire cinema into gut busting bouts of laughter with just a single perfectly timed expletive.  But ever since he underwent his family-friendly Disneyfication, he has been churning out nothing but criminally unfunny stinkers.

And his latest, A Thousand Words, doesn’t seem to be breaking that trend.

This film is being written by the same guy who did Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill – widely considered to be the worst film of 2011 – and is being directed by Brian Robbins, the same torturer man behind the camera on Murphy’s other crimes against humanity, Meet Dave and Norbit

So in honour of the film’s central idea as well as Murphy’s classic repertoire, I will now summarize my opinion of this film in as few words as possible:

[email protected]&K THAT S#%T!

Last Updated: February 21, 2012

Kervyn Cloete

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  • Gonna love watching this with the kids… severely doubt I’d like it without kids though

    • Wtf?

      Gavin, do you hate your kids or is this just punishment for something they have done????


    • I’m reporting you to Childline.

      • I guess the main drawcard is seeing a jabbermouth like Eddie Murphy being selective with his words. They should do that with Chris Tucker. A whole movie where he shuts the hell up

  • I cannot get over how horrible that poster design is. In what universe is that a good job?

  • I just noticed now that Clarke Duke is in it. Good actor that laaitie. He’s always been good in whatever I’ve seen him in and he deserves better than this kak

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