Sony plans to add Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter to their planned cinematic universe

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We know that Sony is actively building up their own superhero cinematic universe. Though by superhero, we mean supervillain. Though these days they’re probably the same thing. So far we know they plan to start the franchise off with the Tom Hardy-starring Venom film to be directed by Ruben Fleischer and featuring Carnage before it evolves further with Silver & Black directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. We also heard the surprising news earlier this week that Sony would like to bring Tom Holland’s Spider-Man into the mix as well, though that would likely ruin a multitude of storylines as a result.

Thanks to an interview that The Hollywood Reporter conducted with Sony chairman Tom Rothman, we have news of a few more other characters they would like to introduce in further expansions of their universe with Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter each likely getting their own movies.

However, whereas Venom, Black Cat and Silver Sable were all villains with a bit of a good side, Mysterio and Kraven were seen as nothing but bad guys and so how they intend to handle their stories would be interesting to see. Most films like to get audiences to sympathise with their characters, regardless of how bad they are and Sony may need to tread here with the comics haven’t. Sony also made no mention of perhaps bringing together the villains in a further Sinister Six movie, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they do land up in that direction eventually.

No timelines have been revealed yet for these movies and a large part of Sony pushing forward with them may lie in the success of the aforementioned Venom and Black and Silver movies. They don’t have the best track record with handling the world of Spider-Man and now that Marvel has shown us the light of what they can and should be like, they’re going to have to lure us back into watching them.

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Last Updated: June 22, 2017

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