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The Dark Knight gets a new MTV trailer

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It’s becoming almost impossible now to stave off any news related to The Dark Knight Rises. The marketing machine has clearly pushed its Bat-turbines to full speed, with TV spots, posters and trailers assaulting us daily.

So, if your will happens to be strong enough, you can avoid this jump. For the rest of us, we can get a glimpse at why a certain feline themed burglar is so afraid of Mr Staccato AKA Bane.From Comingsoon.net, here’s the latest footage that aired during the MTV Movie Awards;

Let the speculation begin again! What is Bane up to? Does Owen Harper from Torchwood deserve the beating that he’s about to receive from Bane (Yes)?

And do those two cops frequent the same gentlemens establishment that I do, that coincidentally happens to have some great food AND entertainment?

Who knows, but one thing is for certain; July can’t get here soon enough.

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