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I had an email this morning from a visitor to the site who is struggling to find a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 and was wondering if I knew where to find one, so I headed off to the top online retailer sites to see what I can find and was astounded when I landed on the website.

They seem to be having a firesale at the moment of epic proportions and I strongly advise heading over to see if you can pick up an older title that you may have missed.

Some of the ones that jumped off the page at me were

Alone in the Dark – R238
Assassins Creed – R238
Bee Movie – R137 (great for the kids)
Brothers in Arms – R326
Bully – R238
Lego Indiana Jones – R238
Lost – R163
Prince of Persia – R489
Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 – R238
Endwar – R326

And the list goes on and on… I am not sure how they have managed to get those prices down so far but I really don’t think these prices are going to last.

So head on over to and stock up that collection oh and maybe put an order down for Killzone 2 which they have listed as arriving on the 27th of February…

Last Updated: February 12, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • pantsula

    Seems like the distributors are finally catching on tho the fact that you can’t sell a shitty game for full price for long. Rather take a profit cut but sell kmore. As it is everywhere else in the world.

  • pantsula

    As there is a sale on the same titles at take2 as well.

  • serious? Well then it’s just great for everyone 🙂

  • Macethy

    What’s the point?Rather save the 200-300 bucks you would spend on an older game and keep it until Resident Evil 5 or something comes out. These games will only get cheaper. :getlost:

  • Inferno888

    i agree, prices are cheap as they are old, if they old, you not going to want to play them cos we have new games, so it’s actually expensive as it’s money wasted

  • POP and end war r relatively new…

  • mario

    Take 2 Is offering similar specials :w00t:

  • Nazcanlines

    @ inferno i don’t think we shouldnt play a game in lieu of there being newer ones available. good and bad games we can debate but assuming a game is good, it should be playable even 1 or 2 years after its release date

  • Inferno888

    I Agree with you 100%, however, speaking for myself, I have my own business and a wife, so my gaming time is limited, and i’d rather keep up with the times with the little tiime i do have :ninja:

  • Dark

    Seems you can never win 🙂 “LOL”

  • It does appear that way at times 😉

    But we keep on trying and will eventually get there

  • RogueOne

    I picked up NBA2k9 for R326.
    It came out a few short months ago.

    Stunning specials indeed.

  • BHW

    Agreed I picked up Bioshock the other day for 200 bokke and have got as much enjoyment out of that as from the new releases I’ve played

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