Batman Arkham Asylum Gameplay Video – Hot or Not?

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Shacknews have managed to get their hands on a 6 minute gameplay preview of Batman: Arkham Asylum that shows off quite a decent chunk of gameplay.

I have been quite interested in this new Batman title, but haven’t actually seen any gameplay whatsoever until now and my initial impressions are that the game has potential to be really great, but not if it only sticks to the type of gameplay seen in this video.

The video shows off what the developer refers to as “predator gameplay” which has Batman moving around the top of a large area, picking off the “baddies” one by one.

Link to the video and more, after the jump.

While it does look interesting, it feels way too setup for my liking, so I hope that they only do it every now and then, almost like a puzzle element.

The visuals are looking really good though and it looks like this game really could do Batman justice.

I can’t post the video here, so you need to click the link below to watch the video:

Batman – Arkham Asylum Gameplay Video

I am interested to hear what our readers think about the game, so leave a comment and let us know if you think it’s looking really good or really terrible.

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Last Updated: April 2, 2009

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  • RogueOne

    I normally have a rule about movie to games. They usually bomb, but it is Batman so I had to have a peek.

    Interensting indeed. I love new concepts or ideas in games and definately like to have at least one ‘different’ type of game in my collection.

    It looks fun, but I wonder for how long ?
    Im interested, but not convinced so I think Ill wait to see how it does in reviews before I take the plundge.

  • Fox1

    It’s Unreal 3 engine powered. Enough said :whistle:

  • darthdad

    What does that mean? :wassat:


    I am so looking forward to this game!More excited about this and Prototype than Bioshock 2 or Modern Warfare 2 :biggrin:

  • RogueOne

    darthdad….the Unreal engine was used in Gears 2, Fallout 3 amongst others. So its a very good starting point.

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