Bioshock on the PS3 has a 10 minute install

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Bioshock on PS3

Yes my favourite topic is back. I have managed to ignore it recently but when I saw a news article this morning stating that Bioshock is going to have a mandatory 5 GB, 10 minute install I had to write about it.

Now the only PS3 that has been available locally so far (for a while) has been the 40Gb one, which means that if you have managed to pick up 10 of the latest releases this year you are more than likely starting to run out of room and fast.

Yes you can upgrade your drive easily enough and new drives are relatively affordable but seeing that the PS3 has a 10 year lifespan (minus the HDD) I hope you have planned for the future and bought a huge drive.

It seems like the fashion is to make the installs bigger and longer while at the same time ensuring the game doesn’t run any better than it’s 360 cousin.

I have said it a thousand times and I will say it again, in my opinion the hard drive installs are the worst thing to come out of this generation and we are going to look back in a few years and wonder why we allowed it to happen.

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Last Updated: September 10, 2008

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  • janrik

    10 games… mmmm, are there 10 games I can play on my PS3?

    Yes… Are there 10 games that I want to play on my PS3?


  • I do feel I would have been lynched if I mentioned anything like that 😉

  • ocelot

    Heard of uninstall?

    @ janrik: Obviously you have no taste in games, but I could have told you that after you said Too Human is good.

  • Installs are still optional right ?

    What i’m curious to know is, how much of a difference does it make if you DON’T install. Longer loading times ?

    (After all, we are comparing it to a “install-less” game that the competitor got a year ago…)

    At janrik, there are 10 games worth playing on the PS3, if you include the multi-plats 🙂

    Milesh Bhana ZAs last blog post..skate [360]

  • Vg2

    No i think the installs are mandatory

  • Goose ZA

    But it is good =)

  • janrik

    On my PS3 installs are a must. The PS3 cannot stream games from disk like the 360 🙁

  • Banana hammock

    I’m all for installs, if it makes in-game load times shorter then i hope they all start doing it.

    You can simply uninstall the thing when you are done, anyone here play 10 games AT THE SAME TIME?!?!?

  • janrik

    I do, but only on my 360 😈

  • why care bout installs? guess i dont cause i come from pc gaming background? the new ps3’s are getting bigger and bigger drives and the guys with 40gb can easily upgrade to whatever size and if they dont wanna, well, uninstall when that drive gets full. in anycase, anyone with a smallish hdd in the console prolly dont plan on getting a lot of stuff off psn, there’s allready a 9Gb game for download.

  • well, actually yes.

    Firstly, there are two people who use the console. And you get 2 types of games, the ones you’re currently playing, and the fun muck about games. Like when mates come over, DOA4, Scene It etc.. stuff i wouldn’t play unless i have visitors.

    I wouldn’t want to then, uninstall/re-install.

    But yes, 10 “active” games is very possible given multiple users/game types.

    Milesh Bhana ZAs last blog post..skate [360]

  • Exactly… Currently my 360 is playing well over 10 games..

    The wife is on two, the kids are playing 4 and I have at least 5…. but then again I am obviously the exception.

  • baba

    From a xbox Fanboy:
    Yeah, look at it, the PS3 sucks again!!!

    From a PS3 Fanboy:
    Lazy, pleeeeeaaaaaase accept the PS3 installs, that is what the HDD is for. It is not fun reading your ranting about the PS3 installs every single game! The PC has been doing it for years, and I don’t see you complaining about that.

    From a Games player:
    Is the game playable – check
    Will I have fun playing the game – check
    Is Lazy an ass because he can’t accept PS3 installs – Double check!
    No prob! I’ll buy it! I’ll play it.

  • my question is… is this the dev’s fault or is this Sony’s fault.

    Yes, the BR drive is slower and adds an extra challenge. Is no -one (Sony or Developer) willing to solve this problem ?

    There is NOTHING wrong with using the harddrive, the complaint is simply that the hassle of HDD management has always been a “PC problem” and let’s face it, a large chunk of 360 users are PC ex-pats, who moved for the allure of “insert disk and play” convienience.

    However, some really clever caching can hide the fact that the HDD is being used. Let’s hope that later gen games figure this out. I think that even the PS3 guys are going to start getting annoyed when games in 2010 require 50GB installs.

    Milesh Bhana ZAs last blog post..skate [360]

  • baba

    It does not matter whose fault it is, the fact remains that optical drives aren’t getting faster, and I bet that MS will do the same with their next console now that Sony is setting the trend. Come to think of it, MS was the first console manufacturer to put a HDD in a console. Why not carry on with the legacy?

    Believe me when I say that I think a HDD in a console is all wrong. It just means that developers have got a cushion to rely on when the game is shipped and full of bugs. But if it improves on load times and store download content, I’m all for it.

  • PCfanboy

    Ahhh!!!The consoles trying to be a PC.Proving once again the PC is the superior platform.Even the ‘next gen’ architecture of the x360/PS3 is PC based.What next gen I ask you?Oh yes console gamers coming out of the Stone Age…oh that one!Hehehe….

  • I love this topic because I am fascinated at how people’s opinions can differ SO much on a topic.

    Perhaps it is because of my PC background and because I am new to consoles but I for one WELCOME the installs. In fact, if I could, I would install ALL my games to my HDD, and when I run out of space, I am COMFORTABLE in the knowledge that I an easily upgrade my PS3’s HDD to make room for more games.

    Installs ensure that the games load faster than they otherwise would, and they also reduce wear-and-tear on our fragile optical drives. The PS3’s Bluray drive isn’t the only laser that appreciates a break now and then; I can’t count how many optical drives I’ve been through on my PC.

    The PS3 comes with a HDD for a reason. If you simply CANNOT wait 10 minutes to play your newly purchased game, then buy yourself an Xbox Arcade for $59, or whatever they’re going for nowadays.

  • PCfanboy

    PS3 fanboys will continue to suffer a lack of exclusives as developers are struggling to keep the costs down to develop for it(PS3).Developers choose the x360 because its relatively easier and more cost effective to develop for.Unfortunately the PS3 installs make the blue ray drive redundant.If this is a consistent trend then blue ray is only good for oversized HD DVD files.DivX is infinitely better.

  • @StNick, it’s not the installs we’re (or I’m) complaining about, it’s the fact that an install may involve an uninstall of something else.

    Yes, you can buy a 250GB to minimize the chances of that, but if you’re also using a PS3 as a media player that can can chowed quickly. And a 250GB 2.5″ HDD is still close to R1000. It’s all a little too… PC.

    Milesh Bhana ZAs last blog post..skate [360]

  • baba

    How do you explain that HDD installs make the BR drive redundant? It does not make sense to me?

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