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GC PlayStation press con

After a journey through the rain, our unusual trio (an American, a Porra and a Chinese guy walk into a bar…) ended up at the Sony press conference. Lured with a promise of new gameplay reveals and plenty of food, we were glad to see what Sony had to offer. We even got Matthew an awesome spot for recording this video.

Here is our glorious video for the press conference. Watch us wrack our brains to tell you why we’re excited, and then all the gameplay footage reveals from the actual event. Matthew got to experience tripod envy thanks to being placed next to the TV camera crews, something that keeps making me giggle as I imagine his awesome but tiny camera lined up next to all the big guys.

We knew that there would be a ton of indies shown off, as well as weird and wonderful other things. However, I was certainly expecting more. More Bloodborne, some Uncharted footage, and even some JRPGs would have been appreciated. At least we got some random Metal Gear Solid V box action – it certainly takes surreal to a whole different level. I’m not sure if I’d describe the new stuff as excellent, but it certainly is hilarious and off the wall. It makes me happy, and I suppose that’s what we really need in games.

Were you impressed by the PlayStation press conference? Are you saddened at the lack of Last Guardian news, or was all the cool new footage enough to keep you satisfied?

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