Deus Ex load times compared

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The games not even out yet and even still there are fanboy arguments going on about which console provides the best Deus Ex experience.

We reviewed it yesterday and gave it a 9.3 on the Xbox 360 but looking around the Internet it seems that the reviews aren’t skewed to either platform and both are offering the same basic game.

But one thing that is noticeably different is the loading times and IGN has put together this handy video demonstrating the speed difference per console.

So as to not ruin this exciting video for you we’ll continue the conversation below.


As you saw above if you want the very best speeds you are going to want to go with the Xbox 360 and install the game. However I hate installing games which means I’m likely going to have the worst experience.

Whether those few extra seconds here and there make that much difference is up to each one of you personally but it’s nice to see that the results are consistent at least, it’s just a pity they didn’t include the PC version in this comparison. But then I guess it depends which PC you are running it on.

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So are you getting this brand new Game Of The Year contender? Did you know it’s first play through can take up to 40 hours, there’s no complaining about lack of value when your R530 game gives you 40 hours of entertainment.

Last Updated: August 23, 2011

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