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Evil Within (2)

True survival horror games have been dead for a long time. But much like the unkillable antagonists of your favourite slasher flicks, the genre is once again rising from the dead. Amongst the new generation of such titles on the way, is The Evil Within. It’s a psychological attack mixed with pants-staining thrills and chills. So what’s it actually all about then?


Evil Within (1)

Work began on The Evil Within back in April 2012, with the game operating under the code-name of ZWEI. Bethesda Softworks teamed up with legendary horror maestro Shinji Mikami, placing him in the game director position for the project which was then worked on at his studio Tango Gameworks.

The core concept behind The Evil Within, was returning gamers to survival horror that placed a higher emphasis on survival, rather than on action. “For me, personally, why I came back to survival horror is that survival horror as a genre is becoming all action now. There aren’t any real survival horror games in the world right now. That is the biggest motivation for me,” Mikami explained back in April 2013.

Having the player pick up the controller and being genuinely able to say ‘Wow, I haven’t played a game this scary in ages!’, that is what we are after. That is the main thing we are focused on.

To do this, Mikami and his team designed the game to have deliberately unbeatable enemies, claustrophobic spaces and a severe shortage of ammo with which to fight back. Taking place within a nightmarish world The Evil Within features enemies who happen to be as trapped as the player is, but just as evil as the greater malevolent force that is pulling all the strings in the game. According to art director Naoki Kataki, these enemies happen to also be suffering from the titular evil within this world.

The Plot

Evil Within (3)

While investigating the scene of a brutal mass murder, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners run afoul of an evil force. With his colleagues slaughtered, Sebastian finds himself trapped within a world populated by nightmares and terror beyond imagining. Fighting to survive, Sebastian must uncover the mystery of the evil within this vile and wicked world.

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Concept Art

You can just make a game from scratch. You have to visualise it. Picture it. Sketch it out. Which is most likely why working on The Evil Within must have been a nightmarish job for everyone involved, if the concept art is anything to go by:

The Characters

Sebastian Castellanos


Sebastian, along with Joseph and Julie, arrives at Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate several bloody murders, only to find all police cars on scene deserted and his fellow officers being eviscreated by a mysterious hooded figure before he himself is knocked unconscious.

Julie Kidman


Partnered with Castellanos and Oda, julie also finds herself trapped by the nightmarish events of Beacon Mental Hospital. One of the protagonists of The Evil Within, Julie takes a leading role in the upcoming two-part DLC content planned for the game.

Joseph Oda


Partnered with Julie and Sebastian, Joseph Oda is yet another victim of the strange malevolent forces that plague Beacon Mental Hospital.



The primary antagonist of The Evil Within, Ruvik is a mysterious hooded figure who appears to be unstoppable and is responsible for trapping Sebastian and his team in a nightmarish world. Stalking the player at every turn, when Ruvik appears, all hell breaks loose and you better hope that you can outrun him.


Even before the game was released, viral marketing began for The Evil Within with a series of spooky trailers:

And if you need something more recent, well here ya go then. Consider yourselves warned:


Ruvik isn’t the only threat in The Evil Within, because there’s a thousand ways to die in the game and all of them are brutal.

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The Haunted


The main enemies of The Evil Within, the Haunted have nails pierced through their eyes, are covered in glass shards and have barbed wires wrapped around their heads in order to express the evil that has begun to permeate their souls.

The Sadist


An enemy who wields a chainsaw, the Sadist is a large man in an iron mask who players encounter first in the game.

The Keeper


Also known as Boxhead, the Keeper is an extremely tall human with vault on his head. His primary weapon is a meat tenderizer hammer with a spike on the opposite side. Almost unstoppable, handguns tickle the Keeper, and he can regenerate from any wound provided that he happens to be near a safe.

RE-Bone Laura


A creature that resembles a woman with hair covering its face and body, RE-Bone Laura can move quickly thanks to multiple limbs, with the notable two ending with long nails which it uses to attack. The only thing that can kill it, is fire. Lots of it.


The Evil Within will be terrorising your TVs and monitors from October 14. It’s out on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. If you’re brave enough for it, that is. Because I certainly, am not.

Like what you see? Want more frights, chills and thrills? Then don’t forget that The Evil Within and Alien Isolation is out right now. If you’re brave enough, you can grab The Evil Within from these fine stockists on a range of platforms:

Or Alien Isolation right here on PC, current-gen and new-gen systems:

Last Updated: October 13, 2014

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  • Ryanza

    I like horror games. And this game does look interesting. And the game does look like it might be fun to play. But DRM is keeping me away from a day 1 purchase. DRM might even keep me away from a first year purchase. Because of DRM this game has to be $5 before I would even think about buying it. I’m sure when this game becomes $5 on a DRM sale, I’ll not want to buy it because I’ll still be busy with The Witcher 3.

    I would have given this game a try. But it has DRM. Meh. No interest in it.

    • geel slang

      Is it because you have no games to play (because of DRM) that you comment on every article?

      • Sageville

        @Ryanza is by far, the best advertisment bot I have ever come across. #PropsWhereDue

    • Nikola


  • Spathi

    The game looks good. Something I may be interested in. What is however very worrisome is the “unbeatable enemies”. I have always felt that it is a cheap tactic. Make it near impossible maybe, but not actually impossible. If I want to waste my 100 bullets that I saved the past 14 hours on one enemy, let that be my choice.

    Anyway, will wait for reviews.

    • CypherGate

      Yeah making them impossible just seems too cheesy and doesnt make sense. For example: The final boss would be killable, but an enemy not? That would make the normal enemy “stronger” in a sense.

  • Sageville


    (Too Scary Cannot Play)

    • JHN

      Same here I love the story in horror games but I can never finish them because im a coward.

  • Hammersteyn

    Can’t wait, already bought my adult diapers

  • Admiral Chief 0

    Adult diaper shares prices just went up…

  • Kervyn Cloete

    “returning gamers to survival horror that placed a higher emphasis on action, rather than on action.”


  • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

    Thanx for this!!!

  • A few minutes ago, my cursor hovered over the “add to basket” tab on Kal-Hal. I honestly have no idea why I’m tempted to get The Evil Within. I generally don’t like survival horror games, and I’m pretty sure that if I was to get it, I’d probably take somewhere close on a year to complete a play through.

    So perhaps the best course of action is…

    Nope, nope, noppity nope! I say a nope, nope, noppity nope!

  • Michael

    The game looks really good but as far as survival horrors go there has been a few really good titles in the last year, this is by no means the first in a long time. Although I still have to finish Outlast, I can only manage about 20 or 30 minutes at a time.

    Not pre-ordering, EA made sure that will never happen again but will definitely check it out.

    Also, seriously? “he can regenerate from any wound provided that he happens to be near a safe” Is he a genetically mutated descendant of Scrooge McDuck? :p

    • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

      Its the first Survival Horror game in the AAA scene in a long time

      • Michael

        no it’s not, Alien: Isolation is :p.

        Point taken, I think of Outast as AAA because of the big names that worked on it but it isn’t truly one.

        • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

          Haha, good point though, Alien is survival horror as well.
          Outlast is pretty great though. I’m just a bit tired of the ‘running and hiding’ horror games that frequently become LP’s.

          • Michael

            True, one game were I can’t shoot back was enough for now 🙂

          • Which is what totally put me off from playing Outlast. Well, that and it’s a survival horror. But mainly, it was the whole run away and hide. I might be swayed to play a survival horror, if I’m given a fighting chance.

  • Jamie Baldock

    Outlast is another great horror i finished and scared me shitless. Been looking forward to that again. I cant wait to get my copy of evil within, already bought the season pass so i hope they keep adding to it.

  • Guild

    Played it at Rage and it is pretty cool but I don’t think I could sit through it. Too much freaky shit going on I’d want to shoot the crap of everything and make sure its very dead

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