First Prototype Review in – Is it any good?

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[Update] IGN has now also released their review check below for more

The first prototype is in and it’s from a site called PS3 Informer which pretty much means that they have broken the embargo and will be getting a severe slap on the wrist from their local distributor. That is unless these guys have somehow stolen the first release rights from one of the major sites?

Anyway back to the story, so the big question is whether this game is any good or not and I am happy to say that it appears that it really is.

They do state that the one weakness the game does have is that the controls can be a little finickity at times when running up walls or sliding along buildings, however if that is the worst of the issues then I am a very happy young old man.

All in all they have given the game 4/5 or 80% and have commented kindly on the fighting mechanism, story and free running style of the game.

We’ll have our review up at 1pm on Friday so make sure you check back for that.

Click through to read the full first review PS3 Informer and if you have any outstanding worries about buying this game then take a look at the video above for the top 10 reasons to own Prototype.

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[Update-IGN] IGN hasn’t been very kind to Prototype and has given it a 5.5 for graphics, 6.5 for presentation and 6.5 for lasting appeal. Ouch…

However it did redeem itself with a 7.5 for sound and an 8 for gameplay leaving it with an overall 7.5

Check out the entire review here

Last Updated: June 10, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • janrik
  • janrik

    Why only after the release date Lazy? Does not help the pre-order people at all…

  • PS3 version also doing well – 91% at Metacritic –

    That should allay the fears of some people that an embargo meant rubbish ratings.

  • Please say that a little louder so all our distributors hear you 😉

    To be fair with this one our review is out on release date which means we are getting it a little bit early, unfortunately not early enough to ensure a pre-release date launch.

    There are also embargos and things we need to stick to

  • Flamebaitboy

    One day to review a sandbox game…that is just insane.
    @ Janrik : Remember dude we live in sunny SA so everything is late. Pity the distributors are so lame.

  • Hey we’re not complaining to much we at least get the game a day before everyone else :biggrin:

    And to be fair Megarom are releasing this game locally on the same release date as the rest of Europe, we can’t really ask for much else can we?

  • Flamebaitboy

    Yes you can. Don’t tell me that if the game is out in North America already that MEGAROM can’t secure 1 copy for a respected proudly South African gaming news site. That is piss poor. I really feel sorry for Lazygamer and their staff and all the shit they have to put up with.

  • easy

    what? you feel sorry for the lazystaff!?
    i think its every gamers dream to get to do what these guys get up to…

    unless you consider reviewing games as bit of a rough ride?
    suppose somebody’s gotta do it :biggrin:

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