Forza 3 VS GT5 Graphics Comparison Video – Who Is In Pole Position?

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The battle between Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5 is only getting started, and the internet has been full of discussions and screenshot comparisons, with fans all trying to prove that their chosen game looks the best.

All of this was mostly sparked by the fact that at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, Turn 10 were very quick to boast that Forza 3 is the best looking racing game on any system, which was an obvious poke at the Gran Turismo series.

A user on has now put up a proper video comparison of the two games, showing their visuals one after the other so that people can decide on which is the better looking.

I think it’s a damn close one, but I also feel that it must be said that we cannot put too much trust into videos like these, because doctored videos and screenshots are more commonplace than most people know.

Check the video out, after the jump.

Last Updated: June 30, 2009

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  • easy

    oh no this again!!

    its a pretty dumb comparison in my opinion. its like asking if you prefer the right boob or the left boob… and there’s no harm in liking both boobs together.


  • I think that the main ingredient missing is atmosphere… there doesn’t seem to be that… buzz in the air or excitement… but that could be because I think Shift is going to rock my world! 😈

  • Ruslan

    After a while both games lack diversity if you ask me, talking about Forza 2 and GT4. If both had some form of incentive like Grid then it would be fun no matter how they looked in terms of graphics.

  • easy

    i don’t know about lacking diversity.
    gt5 is apparently going to ship with 90 odd tracks (most will be reversed, so more than likely 30-40 unique tracks) and both games will probably have too many cars to choose from. then you can customize your cars…

    the problem i have with grid, dirt and formula one and the likes, is the arcade style. while thats not a bad thing, it gets tiresome after a while.

    and we do need decent racing games that show off the prowess of both respective consoles’

  • Fox1
  • darthdad

    Yea thanks Fox, here is another quote which shows us how close these games will be. I personally think GT5 will come out on top.

    “Forza 3 looks a little less clinical that its predecessor – but still quite clinical, and despite Turn 10’s confidence that it has the best-looking racing game in the world on its hands, it can’t quite match GT5 Prologue’s near-photorealism, GRID’s bustling track drama or Need For Speed Shift’s thrilling in-car view.”
    Link –

  • Fox1

    If only we could have all 4 games in one big game :mrgreen:

  • WitWolfyZA

    Forza does indeed look better. But lets not forget GT5 is still being tested and coded so its not fair to compare these 2 games … yet

    just my 2 cents 😛

  • Forza4Ever

    Forza is better then GT

  • adee

    forz3 3 totaly sucks the images dat fox1 is showing r edited by some freaky xbot fan :cheerful: :happy:

  • :P

    forz3 3 totaly sucks the images dat fox1 is showing r edited by some freaky xbot fan :cheerful: :happy:

  • Um, wow. Thanks Turn 10, making your game look better than what it is, the ACTUAL game has nowhere near that amount of smoke off the tires, it looks like bits of steam from a stove, and in the actual promo vid it shows a Ford GT smacking a wall and parts of it flyingeverywhere and the front dented in far but nope, just enhancing it to make it look better, please don’t do that Polophony, don’t be like Microsoft’s BS! (balogna sandwich :D)

  • lans

    Aron> i agree with u,its funny looking at things in hind sight and seeing how much turn 10 got away with forza does not look nearly as good as they were trying to portray, i see so many car companies, real car websites, professional car drivers even getting excited about gt5 and most of this is not on sony’s payroll unlike forza its genuine excitement that is not being paid or bribed for.

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