Halo arrives on the PS3

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Not really Halo They said it would never happen but after Bungie split from Microsoft the rumours started and today it was announced…. HALO is about to land on the PS3.

However it’s not that Halo and it’s not made by Bungie. It is rather a cheap marketing trick to get extra media attention for a game called HALO (High Altitude, Low Opening) which seems to have something to do with jumping out of helicopters and airplanes…

Well the cheap marketing trick isn’t going to fool us… oh wait…

In all honesty this game actually might be a lot of fun and is being released digitally in the first quarter of 2009… We’ll keep a beady eye on this one.

Source: Videogamer.com

Last Updated: September 4, 2008

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Gavin Mannion

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  • bokka1

    I won’t really care if Halo3 goes to the PS3 as it was over hyped. This is however a poor marketing attempt.

  • Bboy

    Seriously? They calling it HALO, High Altitude, Low Opening. Sounds like they had to try squeeze that name out startinig from a “ok guys we got an H an A an L and an O… in that order, come up with a name and then we make the game from there.”

  • Lupus

    Actually HALO is a legit term, so they didn’t just squeeze it out of anywhere. Normally used by paratroopers trying to get in quickly.

  • janrik

    Correct HALO is High Altitude, Low Opening in spec ops circles and Tom
    Clancy novels 🙂

  • Vamp

    The game’s name is actually Sky Gods.

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