Microsoft assumes we don’t want a Xbox 720 “yet”

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Eurogamer has been chatting to one of the all powerful Microsoft execs, Phil Spencer, who has come out and stated that consumers don’t want another Xbox machine at the moment and Microsoft have no immediate plans to release one.

Rather they are treating the release of Natal as a new console launch and he thinks consumers are going to be happy with that.

And you know what? He’s right. While there are a lot complaints about the 360’s unreliability or the fact that we have to pay for Live I am yet to hear anyone complain about the technical limitations of the Xbox 360.

The games are getting better all the time and according to Phil the Xbox 360 hasn’t even peaked yet which I guess means we are looking at another 4 years of Xbox 360’s to come.

I would never have guessed that the 360 would have such long legs but I can honestly say that I am happy to stay with the 360 now until they have something truly awesome to replace it with technology that we haven’t even seen yet.

In the same vein I think you can replace 360 with PS3 in this article and the sentiment stays the same. The Wii could however do with a few more horses under the hood.

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Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: September 16, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • ewie

    Both the xbox 360 and the ps3 can deliver games
    in resolutions that is now standard up to 1080p
    on most tv.s Just look at kilzone, forza3, gt 5 etc.

    Where all previous generations were struggling to
    output resolutions on the resolution available. How many games on the xbox1 and ps2 had full resolution on PAL and NTCS. – only a few like GOW ii etc and that at the end of the generation.

    Hardware have caught up to what can be displayed so even with a new xbox 720 and psnext, The increase would be in memory etc for more one screen actors/ / cars etc.

    So keep the current gen a year or 2 longer just is a good thing. More for developers ART cost money.

  • eXp

    I’ll never understand how consoles do it. My Xbox is the SAME xbox that ran GOW1, but a few years later GOW2 comes out and blows me away with much better graphics. If I were a PC owner, I would’ve had to upgrade SOMETHING to play GOW2.

    Same for the PS3. Resistance 1 comes out, then later Res2 comes out and blows it out the water, but it’s the same damn console. Love being a console gamer :wub:

  • Fox1

    But we keep on hearing that the PS3 has being maxed out by developers…again…and again…and again…and again :silly:

  • ewie

    Lazy developers.

  • spl0it

    I already own a Xbox 720p

  • Q121

    M$ just need to assume the position and take it on the chin and give us cheaper games and consoles….

    Thats the only assuming that they need to do


  • spl0it

    You know what they say, assumption is the mother of all ****ups

  • janrik

    I have a xbox 1080

    I just stack 3 x 360 🙂

  • dreamhunk

    ahahahaha it’s called high production costs on consoles! both microsft and sony have been losing billions on consoles. While pc gaming is making money hand over fist in a ression.

  • ToOkieMoNstZA

    yep… they assume too much, they probably want the extra time to see what other pieces of the console they can remove and provide seperatly as an accessory for some messed up price… like they could just put an extension slot… and like you buy the usb ports and hdmi port and stuff… hmmm i see this in the future of consoles..,., rawr rawr

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