Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 accessory prices

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One of the biggest, and most valid, complaints against the Xbox 360 is the completely overpriced accessories for the thing.

Not only does the 360 not come with built in wireless but it costs over R1000 to add the functionality in.

So when I saw a headline this morning stating that the prices were going to be dropped I though Microsoft had finally seen the light and were going to start charging normal prices for their accessories. Unfortunately that is not the case.

While the prices have been cut they are still completely over priced.

According to Gizmodo the Australian price cuts are as follows. (old prices in brackets)

Wireless Adaptor $150 ($170)
Universal Remote $30 ($50)
120 GB HDD $200 ($230)
Wireless Steering Wheel $150 ($200)
Headset $30 ($50)

While all price drops are good I really would have liked a more realistic pricing for the Wireless Adaptor and HDD.

No news yet on whether or not our prices will follow suit.

Source: Gizmodo

Last Updated: September 1, 2008

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Banana hammock

    Lol, 120Gb HDD for $200, that’s R1,500 if you just do a straight conversion.

    I just put a 250gb HDD in my PS3 and it cost R650.

    Where do MS get these diamond-encrusted-gold-plated HDDs?

  • allister

    ya really now what the hell are they thinking
    i personally would love to buy all the cool accessories to make
    my gaming experiance a better one but at that price hell no.

  • Bboy

    Those prices can’t be right… well at least not for SA if you do a straight conversion… the wireless adapter for example is mother expensive at around R900 bucks here but $150 (the reduced price) is around R1150, original R1300 (i.e 30% diff).

    so if the HDD follows the same logic we may be able to pick up the HDD for around R1000 (30% off)

  • bokka1

    I would love the wireless adapter but am not willing to pay more than than R300.00. It is a normal usb wi-fi adapter ffs.

  • brett

    The prices above are in Australian Dollars, but AU$150 = R987, which is still crazy expensive! 😕

  • Macethy

    Using my amazing powers of logicification i say a 60GB Xbox 360
    HDD at Incredible Connection for 1000 bucks.Using basic maths I
    will amaze you all and say that “logically” then the 20GB version
    should cost about R335 but as Max Payne says “Logic is a lier”.
    20GB Xbox360 HHD for R335?Hell yes PLEASE!!! 😆

  • j4nr1k

    the 360 wireless adaptor is a amazing piece of kit tho…

    happily spend the R800 again on it, as it works like a dream, looks dead sexy at the back of the 360 and seems faster than my wired connector!

  • Gotta disagree with you… I can’t see the back of my Xbox 360 and there is no way I am blowing R800 on a wireless adaptor when I could just cable for R50…

  • alphav1za

    Cable works.
    Plug and play.

  • Scratchy

    Sometimes cables aren’t viable 😉

  • Ya it all depends on the individuals setup. I had to drill holes in some walls before i got my wireless router. The prices are still completely ridiculous and the PS3 definitely has the upper hand, especially when it comes to Hard Drives. I must say that I was quite impressed when at rAge last year my Xbox 360 when rolling (literally) down someones brick driveway cause it flew out my bag and the HDD is still working fine… I thought it would have been a gonner (goner? egh).

  • sabagamma

    MS needs to really get with the program here. Sony has lead the way when it comes to an “open” console. I guess old habits die hard…

  • Sure the Xbox 360 hard drive is a bit pricey, but in reality all about securing the Xbox 360 and its content for publishers. The PS3 is going to have a tough time getting publishers to license media content for use on the PSN if they ever choose to go down that route.

  • Fudzy

    Hi Craig,

    What exactly do you mean? Does PSN not have any digital rights management?

  • ewie

    Just get the 120 gig n stock and we will buy, but have not seen one the last year at all.

  • yeah my router and 360 are pretty far away. Wireless access was definitely the way to go for me (though it was painfull coughing up the cash for something that comes standard with both the Wii and PS3)

    Milesh Bhanas last blog post..Budgetgamer’s Guide to HD – Part 1

  • There’s a much cheaper way of getting your 360 wireless – just by a generic WEB Wireless Ethernet bridge for around R550.

    There’s actually a cheaper one for about R400, but I haven’t seen it at retail.

    As for the HDD, an external 2.5″ USB powered 120Gb drive is about
    R900, so while R1300 (AU200) is still expensive is about right for a proprietary component (compare the prices of Sony Memory stick)

    doobiwans last blog post..Nintendo are officially evil again

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