Microsoft responds to Local Xbox Live Requests

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Last week I posted an article about the current lack of official Xbox Live support in South Africa and asked the question of Microsoft when we would be getting Live locally.

Well the answers have arrived and they are not good.

In short we are not getting Live anytime soon.

Basically the official stance from Microsoft is that they have nothing further to announce in regards to Xbox Live locally at this time. Which to be honest is a better idea than the previous excuses that we have been given.

To quote John Press, Product Marketing Manager – Entertainment Devices (what is with Microsoft and these titles)

"The launch of Live is unfortunately still not confirmed for SA and at this point no further announcements with regard to the launch are being made . Ò€œ

Short sweet and to the point. In related news I have spoken with John about this on numerous occasions and I can promise you that if it was up to him we would have Live already, unfortunately someone at Redmond doesn’t think that we are next in line and until we convince the faceless corporation then we are not going anywhere.

But don’t let that stop you from continuously harassing every Microsoft employee you ever meet.

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Our best shot at the moment is to annoy them into giving us Live support.

Last Updated: February 17, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Man, this really sucks.

  • Luigi

    Who at Microsoft Corp. can we bother until they give us Live? Being sold half a product is just not acceptable.

  • fred

    What would it cost them actually , is what i’d like to know , that is what it boils down to in the end.

  • darthdad


  • probably not enough to justify the cost of live … apparently

  • I wish I knew the answer to that one… unfortunately at the moment that mystery person is keeping a low profile

  • I think a lot of this has to do with the Brand of XBOX360 it’s more face of Microsoft and for those less informed on Live in South Africa…

  • easy

    but surely regions with high live users should be able to subsidize regions with lower live users?

  • Fox1
  • Lupus

    Sigh, then I would like 35% of my money back as that is what the 360 is worth with out live.

  • WitWolfyZA

    Now im tottaly dissapointed. I consider myself a big fanboy for Xbox but if they arent gonna give us Live then my Xbox subscription can expire in April to never see me again. Im gonna pay my Edgars account clean and get a PS3 just to wee-wee on they’re battery… They just lost a very good client

    I wanna be a Simba chipee i wanna be a Simba chipee. Grow a bit more… Screw this im going to Willards πŸ˜›

  • WitWolfyZA

    i never thought id say this but xbox sucks. If they dont care about us. I dont care about them. PS3 here i come

  • moegoe

    One thing for sure, we MIGHT be the first country on our continent to have LIVE.
    Hey, we’re the only continent without LIVE. We might get it because they pity us.
    Lets through a pity party!!! :blush:

  • fred

    PSN is great , you won’t be disappointed.

  • WitWolfyZA

    dude good luck with that tell me when thats happening. im tired of not being able to expierence the full “NXE” because of IP restrictions. Id rather pay R700 – R1000 a game and know im playing and getting without hastle. or begging for what i/we the client deserve

  • WitWolfyZA

    thanks for the tip. My GF wont be happy but atleast i can put my full hd tv to its potentail now using 1080p seeing i had an older xbox that didnt have those ports (could only play up to 1080I)

  • Hell, just move somewhere with decent bandwidth and don’t worry about it anymore, that’s what I did … :p

  • Gears?

  • Atomic

    I convinced 3 friends to buy X-Boxes, and all of them forwarded this article to me today asking (I thought X-box live was just around the corner?)

    I’m beginning to think, maybe I should recommend a PS3 (sorry for swearing) in future.

  • Atomic

    Oh, and I want a refund too!

  • RivaZA

    I have lost all hope that MS would bring us official Live.
    They will never say for definite that we will not get Live, even though they have no intention of bringing it here, at least within the 360’s lifetime. By doing so they would loose sales and cause quite a few existing owners to ditch their 360s in favour of the direct competition. It makes business sense. As a former Xbox 360 “pimp” I truly feel let down. I will not support their next console and I implore others to do the same.
    Even though I am moving to the UK in 2 months and I do have Live, I only have space for one console on the trip so I would rather take my PS3 with me.

  • . . .gees,I got my 360 in 2006. . . .at 1st I wonderd about xbl. . . .but assumed it was already here because of the XBL STICKER LOGO thingy on the box. . .then. .we waited. .and we wait to this day.So far,every multiplat multiplayer game I got,I bought for my ps3.last 360 game I bought was Geow2,after that my gold account expired and I quit caring,been on psn since.Msft,you let me down.Lets watch Sudan and Afghanistan get XBL support before us.

  • Ramiz ZA

    y dont we ask madiba to speak to gates and get this sorted

  • RivaZA

    The sad thing is back in late 2006 and most of 2007 the questions asked was not “Are we EVER going to get Live?” but rather “When we get Live would we be able to change our UK/US/AU live accounts to South African ones?”

    Oh how times have changed.

  • Guys I’m heading over to Seattle next week and I’ll be spending time with the Xbox team. Maybe we should arrange a time for all South Africa users to be online at the same time in Halo 3… so I can point at SA and it’ll be a biggish blimp on the map. πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, Xbox LIVE is the on the top of my agenda for the trip.

  • Atomic

    CraigN, Good on you squire! – I’ll support that.

  • Craig lol,you mean point to the only real light on the African continent that isnt a gas stove or candle lol I cant believe their ignoring the african superpower! They need to to take us seriously,or do we need to fly our Gripens and take more land from our neibour zimbabwe.

  • Or we could organise to stash lethal weapons on your persons to be used as negotiating tools πŸ˜€

  • Marc “Unfortunately, there is nothing in the way of an anticipated arrival time for Live in SA. We would not be surprised if Live does not make it to SA by the time the next generation of consoles roles around.”

    How is that for depressing?!!

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