Mortal Kombat secrets uncovered after 20 years

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Mortal Kombat and its sequels on the arcade were always full of secrets. I remember going through the mission of unlocking that fight with Reptile at the bottom of the pit (spending many 20c pieces to do so).

It got even worse with Mortal Kombat 2; Dan Forden’s cries of “Toasty” still haunt my dreams. Fans of the game would crowd around the arcade units looking for secrets; new characters, special menus, easter eggs of all sorts. I lost interest in Mortal Kombat 3 with is dial-a-combo systems, but still spent time looking for secrets. Some, like reptile and Noob Saibot were real, but others have become urban legends.

One long rumoured secret, the hidden “EJB” menus have finally been found. Their existence has been known for ages thanks to people diving around in the game’s arcade roms, but how they were unlocked remained a mystery for over 20 years.

They’re a mystery no longer. A super MK fan by the name of  Zpaul2Fresh8 has figured out now to access the secret menus. They’re not terribly exciting, if we’re being honest’ they contain little more than a “hello” message, some short cuts to being at the top of the rankings and a gallery of endings – with just Mortal Kombat 3 including a Galaga-styled minigame, it’s nice to know that after 20 years, people are still finding secrets in games.

In case you wanted to know how to unlock said menus (in case you have a Mortal Kombat arcade machine lying about), you need to press the block button on both player controls in a particular sequence, at lightning speed.

Here’s the combination:

  • MK1:
    P1 (5), P2 (10), P1 (2), P2 (1), P1 (2), P2 (3), P1 (4)
  • MK2:
    P1 (5), P2 (10), P1 (2), P2 (8), P1 (2)
  • MK3/UMK3:
    P1 (5), P2 (10), P1 (3), P2 (1), P1 (2), P2 (2), P1 (3), P2 (4)

Okay then! Here’s a video showing how it all works.

Last Updated: February 24, 2016

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      You make friends with the arcade machines, live with them, earn their trust and in time, they will share their secrets with you.

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