Mortal Kombat XL – DLC character Fatality guide

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MKX (5)

Whether you’re a Mortal Kombat fan or not, you have to admit that no other game on the market happens to be as horrifically violent as this particular franchise. Mortal Kombat is the poster child of excessive violence, a series that has more crimson flowing through it than our local roads during the Christmas season.

The highlight of this carnage has always been in the form of Fatalities. Gruesome finishing moves that serve as the final slap to the face, the ultimate way to piur salt on the wound of any of your friends that have gone down fighting. Since 2015 however, Mortal Kombat X has added several new fighters, DLC characters with their own signature extreme moves.

Here’s how you can perform their visceral finishers:


MKX (4)

  • Killer Queen (Close) – Down,Down,Back,Forward X/A
  • Deadly Hybrid (Middle) – Back, Forward, Down, Forward Square/X

Bo’ Rai Cho

MKX (1)

  • Booze You Lose (Close) – Down, Down, Back, Forward, Square/X
  • Bottoms Up (Close) – Back, Forward, Down, Triangle/Y


MKX (3)

  • Seeing Double (Close) – Forward, Back, Down, Square/X
  • Hook and Sinker (Close) – Back, Forward, Down, Forward X/A

Jason Voorhees

MKX (7)

  • Kill for Mother (Middle) – Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Triangle/Y
  • Sleeping Bag (Middle) – Down, Back, Forward, Circle/B+R2


MKX (1)

  • Ghostin’ Us (Close) – Down, Down, Back, Forward, Square/X
  • Certain Death (Middle) – Down, Forward, Back, Up
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MKX (6)

  • Stone Tomb (Middle) – Down, Back, Forward, Back, X/A
  • Stalag-Might (Middle) – Down, Forward, Back, Forward, Square/ X


MKX (2)

  • Team Work (Middle) – Forward, Back, Forward, Forward
  • Death Machine (Far) – Forward, Down, Down, Up


MKX (9)

  • Bloody Boots (Close) – Back, Down, Down, Forward, Down
  • Edenian Drill (Close) – Forward, Forward, Back, Back, Circle/B


MKX (8)

  • Peek-A-Boo (Close) – Back, Forward, Down, Circle/B
  • Shokan Amputation (Close) – Back, Down, Down, Up

Last Updated: March 2, 2016

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