No Man’s Sky is finally out on June 21st

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No Man's Sky is out June 21st

No, you’re not reading wrong. No Man’s Sky – the little space explorer that could which was announced all the way back in 2013 – finally has a release date. And just as promised by developers Hello Games last year, it’s coming this June. June 21st to be exact.

And as expected, it’s going to come with a full AAA price. No Man’s Sky will launch simultaneously for PC and PS4 at a $60 price point – something that got everyone a little riled up and counting lines of code a few days ago.

If you looking for the game to be extra special on PC, you’re in luck too. Retailers iam8bit have also announced a special Explorer’s Edition for No Man’s Sky which retails for $149.99. It comes with a download code for the game (on Steam or GOG, how nice), a Tin-Toy Ship Replica, a customisable display case and a Traveller’s Pin. There’s also a secret addition to the box that will only be revealed to the 100 000 lucky customers how pre-order it in time.

No Man's Sky Explorer's Edition

The Toy-Tin Replica itself is hand-painted and cast in metal. It measures around 8-inches long and comes with its own stand, which should look nice sitting on your desk or in a display cabinet while you explore the randomly generating universes in the real game.

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No Man’s Sky is still a little confusing to wrap your head around (mainly because showings of the game have been so ambiguous at times) but its certainly looking like a game I want to get lost in. And now the wait isn’t that long anymore.

Last Updated: March 3, 2016

Alessandro Barbosa

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  • HvR

    Heard rumour they are also doing a Windows Store release but had to implement a slight graphics downgrade to maintain playable performance.

    • Commander Admiral Chief

      LOL oh you

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Just got the popup on Steam now – R589 for preorder.

    • Alessandro Barbosa

      That’s actually so reasonable. Especially given the $60 price

    • HvR

      That is almost 40% discount

    • Lies!

  • YES!

  • Love how the ships look like X-wings

    • Commander Admiral Chief

      Looks more like a Z95 Headhunter to me…

      • They both look kinda alike either way

  • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

    I… I fail to get even slightly excited for this… I’m curious, but not excited, sure they spent a lot of time developing the algs that pertain to the generation of all of their creatures, but it all comes down to being a farming simulator without you actually tending to the crops,instead, just stealing some horribly deformed alien’s food…

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