Pay your way to better cars in DriveClub

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I don’t really have a problem with DLC. When it’s done right, it can add great content to a game, especially when it’s like an actual expansion pack, as with Dragon age Origins: Awakening and Skyrim’s DLC. What’s quickly becoming a bit of a cancer though, is the ability to pay good money to unlock stuff you could otherwise earn by playing. DriveClub goes that route, by allowing you to pay upfront to unlock new cars.

It’s the same sort of model used in the pay-to-win sorts of F2P titles – but Evolution Studios’ Paul Rustchynsky, speaking to IGN,  insists it won’t lead to any sort of unbalance.

"It’s been a hot topic of late inside gaming, and we’ve been very keen to take on board the feedback from gamers and make sure we don’t upset anyone," he revealed. "So, in Driveclub, what we’ve done is make sure that the progression system is really straightforward, really simple and gives you access to a lot of content really quickly.

"In Driveclub you earn Fame, and as you earn Fame, you level up. Every time you level up, we give you another car. There’s no double gating or anything along those lines, you’re given the car straight away without having to do anything else. The only thing we do have is a couple of shortcuts.

"If you want to unlock a car immediately, you can pay to unlock that car straight away but it’s not a consumable microtransaction. We don’t let people buy Fame, for example and spend lots and lots. The idea is if you want to shortcut things you can do – it’s identical to what we did in Motorstorm RC. So if you played that, you know what we’re doing here."

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. Gran Turismo and Forza’s newest iterations both allow consumers to buy cars outright instead of earning them, so it’s becoming a norm – but does that make it ok? What do you think? do you side with publishers, who argue that it’s about choice, and not profits – or do you think these things should be earned in-game?

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Hey, it least it’s not DLC cheats, right?

Last Updated: May 13, 2014

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Geoffrey Tim

Editor. I'm old, grumpy and more than just a little cynical. One day, I found myself in possession of a NES, and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. It was that game that made me realise that games were more than just toys to idly while away time - they were capable of being masterpieces. I'm here now, looking for more of those masterpieces.

  • Admiral Chief in Space

    Donnerse Luigat Commies

  • Jedi JJ

    Alright. Lost my sale. So did GT.

  • You see, I don’t have a problem AT ALL with this. When publishers start introducing mechanics that force you to buy these things though, then that’s when I have to draw the line. Grind for ridiculous amounts of hours or just pay 5 dollars….If progression is natural, by all means, add it to the game, but do not force players who want’s to earn the things instead of paying for them. But alas, does anyone here believe companies will actually do that….

    • Jedi JJ

      I don’t support this system in any way. Games never had this and people were fine with that. This paying to get something better because you’re too damn lazy to earn it is wrecking the gaming industry.

      It takes the value out of it and becomes a show piece rather than something you worked at to earn. Sounds like an implementation of the ANC.

      • True true, look, if publishers want to introduce new ways of playing, then at the very least they should make it fair. but nothing ever is. DLC is hardly fair. MT, and DRM….

        • Jedi JJ

          Yes. Agreed.
          Some DLC’s are completely fine for me though. I remember way back when I used to buy expansion CD’s for my games. If it’s a proper DLC, it’s the same principle (like with Skyrim). But some of these stupid DLC’s like a different gun for you Space Marine is just balls.

          • HvR – THE Average GAmer

            And expansions were of a result of the original game selling well not part of the business plan form the get go. Nice mutual relationship, gamers get more game for half price for support and developers get extra cash for making a good game from the start.

            2K did give me a bit of hope with the way they handled the Xcom reboot.

          • Jedi JJ

            Yes. Quite.
            That’s when it’s completely acceptable. That’s what happened with Skyrim. They didn’t intend to make Dawnguard form the start.

      • RinceBroken

        Agreed. Not cool in any way.

      • josh

        Games were also never online once… So I guess get rid of that feature? Like paying for Xbox live etv

  • Jedi JJ

    And to think I actually decided that I wanted this game after second-guessing it for so long.

  • VampyreSquirrel

    I’ve never liked this kind of thing, I’d rather work my butt off to get that Zonda or GTR than pay $5 for it, or get my damned mowers back at the end of a level in PvZ2 without having to pay for them!

    Besides that, I’m paying for a game to keep me entertained for a bunch of time, paying MOAR to unlock a car I can get by playing, kills that enjoyment factor for me.

    Cosmetic stuff like vinyls, etc, I can understand a payment method for, especially for those really exclusive things… makes it easy to spot the rich turds in the game.

    • Admiral Chief in Space

      “spot the rich turds” hahahahahaha

      • Jedi JJ

        So much win for that. Sadly 80% of those are kids paying with their parents’ credit cards.

        • VampyreSquirrel

          They’re still rich turds in my book.

          • Jedi JJ

            I want to say rich turds that are wet behind the ears, but that just sounds terrible.

  • RinceBroken

    damn this stuff. I love how they always put a spin on it, while acknowledging that it is something the community fucking hates.

  • HvR – THE Average GAmer

    If Geoff keeps this up I think I might quit gaming before the sun sets tonight.

    Get something I can play with after making the initial investment with no fruther cost, chess maybe or collecting ION headers.

    • RinceBroken

      But there was good news about Darksiders that @johnambitious:disqus ruined for me 🙁

      • Jedi JJ

        I’ll give you ice cream the next time we have a braai. Fair enough?

        • RinceBroken


      • Admiral Chief in Space

        How did he ruin it?

        • RinceBroken

          He was mean to me when I was being happy…

          • Admiral Chief in Space

            Awwwww, [hands Rince a puppet], show us where the bad JJ hurt you

          • RinceBroken

            Points at grapefruit -NSFW-

          • Admiral Chief in Space

            Geoff just trolled me with this, what the hell man??

          • RinceBroken

            Did he lol I was crying with laughter after watching it.

  • Admiral Chief in Space

    As with most things in life, IT MUST BE EARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jedi JJ

      That what she said?

      • Admiral Chief in Space

        Snormossel achievement?

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    If the car you unlock by paying for it doesn’t give you an advantage over someone who’s yet to earn it through leveling then I couldn’t care less. Some people want to work for their cars, others just want to play with all the toys upfront. If not P2W, then win-win.

    • VampyreSquirrel

      I don’t see how it wouldn’t give them an advantage though… because if you only have the RX8 unlocked as your best car, and they buy the GTR, they have the advantage. (just an example, don’t shoot me for it)

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        But you’re the messenger. I have to shoot you, that’s how it works.

        I don’t know how the game works, but if paying money gives the person an advantage then the devs can go jump off a cliff.

  • Decembermaloy

    Just want to send out a shout-out to Sony and Evolution Studios for going out of their way to save me money. fuck dlc, fuck mirco-transactions. You’ve lost a sale. DLC, don’t be a menace in south central, while drinking your juice in the hood.

  • InsanityFlea

    I share the same view when it comes to DLC. Make money from the lazy people and the true gamers will earn it in-game.

  • Maxiviper117

    This is making Project cars more and more appealing

  • Ryan Vorster

    Fuck off pay for nothing to better myself sounds like a goddamn car town of facebook i’ll be waiting for project cars in any case will be way better than this shit

  • CypherGate

    So in reality gaming is slowly becoming a new form of virtual shopping (where car games are concerned so far) The “gaming” part of things seems to be forgotten.

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