Resident Evil 5 Review – Racism, Limitations and high scores

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So the first Resident Evil 5 review has been released by IGN and there are some interesting side stories around the review already.

First up we have the review itself which can be found here, all in all IGN have done a very nice job with the review and have convinced me even further that I need to pick up this title.

Their review had very little mention of nay racism in it apart from the bizarre economic system of the game which has you stealing from the village to buy guns which you then use to kill the villagers..

However over at VG247 they have uncovered a bit of a cover up by Capcom as they have specifically requested that the Island stage complete with spear chucking natives not be mentioned or shown in any reviews.

Luckily for us the Internet is a powerful thing and the afore mentioned Island stage can be viewed above.

If this stage is the source of the racism claims in Resident Evil 5 then the claims are complete garbage. That’s not racist, possibly a little naive from the developers but most assuredly not racist.

The rest of stage can be seen in the videos embedded through this link.

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Oh yeah the score.. Resident Evil 5 has walked away with a 9.0 on it’s first attempt… not bad at all.

Last Updated: March 7, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Felicity

    capcom released WAY to much footage of re5, obviously they are scared of ye olde recession.

  • I’m not too excited about it. I gotta say I’ve never played the Resident Evil franchise before and I found it a little annoying playing local co-op.

  • murderface

    Wel,I’m Starting to feel the hype building up in me..

  • True the score is not bad at all, but not surprising either.

  • the dude

    Theres that “all-in-all” again. (sigh)

  • Do you actively seek out the phrase? 😀

  • Reaver

    He has no life, until his next batch of cheetos arrives

  • lol I was hoping someone would pick that up…

  • RogueOne

    Come now cant we get a review already lol.
    I find myself looking at the ISN and EURO reviews in a less credible light of late, as they have in one way or another not got it right with certain games.

    This site however is still very reliable for me ie POP – “could you be more spot on” !

  • Unfortunately we haven’t been graced with a preview copy so we are going to have to wait until after it’s been released 🙁

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