Resident Evil 6 is confirmed… looks awesome

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As suspected the viral marketing website was in fact for the next title in the Resident Evil series and as of late yesterday the new title was officially announced and a trailer released.

The latest title is simply Resident Evil 6 and from the look of this trailer it is going to be everything you want a Resident Evil game to be plus some.

The plot follows a similar line to all the other titles, a biologic contagion has been released and is turning people into mutant terrors who you are then tasked with taking out.

But the gameplay speed, new cover system and graphics are definitely a step above anything I’ve played before in a Resident Evil game.

The scope of the infection is also much much larger and that’s going to lead to whole new solutions to the problems.

It’s scheduled for the 20th of November 2012 so there is still a lot of time to finish up the game but so far it’s looking pretty incredible. In related news, there’s a new Resident Evil movie – still starring Milla Jovovich and still having little to do with the games. Check out its teaser trailer here.

Last Updated: January 20, 2012

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