Sony states that they have no ‘immediate; plans to cut the PS3’s price

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There have been tons of articles recently claiming that the PS3 is about to receive a price cut and then debating on how much they are going to cut.

The general consensus is that we can expect a $100 price cut at or around E3 this year…

However Sony has now come out and possibly killed that theory, in a response to VGChartz Sony America states

“SCEA has no immediate plans to drop the price of the PS3 system”

Unfortunately by leaving the word immediate in there Sony have protected themselves perfectly and nullified the entire denial.

Either way I don’t think we can hope for a price cut before E3 and then possibly another small one just prior to the Christmas madness.

Source: VGChartz

[Thanks Cuan for the tip]

Last Updated: March 20, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Lupus

    Then it shall forever be number 3

  • easy

    i don’t get why everybody’s so hung up who’s topping the sales chart? 20 odd million units sold is not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, and more importantly, does being third make it a bad console? if so, then the xbox is only slightly better… but roughly 40% worse than the wii.

    of course thats nonsense, just like saying a toyota tazz is better than a ferrari 599 because it has more sales.

    but if it makes one feel better because they bought a wii or, the first loser, the xbox.
    then yay for you.

  • Lupus

    The developers care, the manufacturers care, distributors care and of course a person should care as the lower down your preferred console is on the market the less games you will eventually get. As why would a developer put all their eggs in one basket if it is third in the race?

  • janrik

    You must be part Vulcan, coz your logic is sound!

  • easy

    umm… for sure, but like i said, 20 odd million is a lot of consoles and a lot of games to go with. then add the xbox figures and i’m sure the people you mentioned are happy, really happy.

    if sony had only sold 5 million consoles then you would have a point, but seeing as they have sold more, your point is moot.

  • kab123

    Then we should all worry. GeoW3 is will be going to the wii 😉

  • mercurial

    Sony will obviously deny any future forthcoming price cuts. This would only slow current sales.

    Therefore, their denial is about as valuable as arm bands in the desert

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