Sony to announce a new (non Blu-Ray) PS3 at E3?

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Whether anyone wants to admit it or not the PS3 has been a commercial disappointment so far in this generation and even Sony are now admitting that by saying that they are expecting the PS3 to start improving from this point on.

Following that a new rumour has sprung up that could herald a new dawn for Sony, as the rumour goes we can expect to see a new PS3 model released at E3 this year. This new model could simply be a new colour (silver) or possibly a slimline model.

However one rumour* that I would love to see come true is that Sony releases a cut down PS3 without all the media hub junk and an inability to play Blu-Ray movies… the pay off would be a half price PS3 which would give the sales a real kick in the pants.

If I want to watch movies I am happy to buy a stand alone player and if I want to browse the net I would use my laptop…. all I want from a PS3 is the ability to play games and if they could sell me that ability for R2400 I would snap it up in an instant…

*okay I admit I made this rumour up, I still think it’s a good idea though.

Last Updated: May 13, 2009

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  • Mercurial

    Not the first time I have heard this rumor.

    The problem is it presupposes that Sony will then re-release every one of their games in DVD format.

    The Blu-Ray player is not only used for watching movies…

  • No I expect them to keep the Blu-Ray player, just stop the playing of Blu-Ray movies… save on the royalties related to that..

    The same way the original Xbox couldn’t play DVD’s without buying an adaptor

  • WitWolfyZA

    They wont take out the Blu-Ray. I think some PS3 sales person drew the line when he said something in the lines of, Blu-Ray is PS3.

    It just aswel MS sates that they’re gonna remove Live. Not gonna happen. A slim Downed PS3 thats more believable. probably bringing in wired remotes. Removing all the things that never necesary anyways. I would so buy a PS3 if they brought the Backward comptitbility back again though

  • Banana Hammock

    Lol, is it April 1st again?

    Sony make more money from BD than they will from the PS3, and the royalties you speak of, well a portion of those go back to them as one of the major players in the BD consortium.

    The PS3 is perfect just the way it is, i love watching movies in BD even though i was one of the people who initially thought it was a waste.

  • I couldn’t think of anything worse; crippling the PS3 to make it no better than the Xbox in terms of what it can do, all in the name of a price drop. The stuff you call “media hub junk” is the very stuff that makes the PS3 better than the Xbox. Sony know it, PS3 owners know it, and that’s not going to change at E3.

  • Chunkyfeather

    If you can’t afford a PS3, get an Xbox. Don’t presume that everyone wants a cut-down version that can ONLY play games. That ‘junk’ you refer to is what separates the PS3 from the 360.

  • DarthPenguin

    That ‘junk’ is exactly what keeps most of us away from the PS3. I don’t want to spend more money on something that I’ll only use to play games. The 360 plays most of the cross-platform games better than the PS3 does.. so if you want a gaming platform the 360 is easily the juicier option.

    But there are 3 games I want to play that are PS3 exclusive, and a cheaper PS3 that could play them would definitely cause me to buy it.

  • Fudzy

    I would say the quality of the hardware is what first and foremost makes the PS3 better than XBox.

    “If I want to watch movies I am happy to buy a stand alone player and if I want to browse the net I would use my laptop….” <— On the flipside of that statement, I’m sure there are lots of Xbox owners out there (myself included) who would love a Bluray capable console which had the ability to browse the internet.

  • That’s my point exactly, what you want is a console that plays games, and nothing else. Xbox is perfect for that, I’m the first to admit it.

    The PS3 is much more than that, and hopefully always will be.

  • And in a perfect world there would be a Xbox SKU that offered that…

    I feel there is a huge gaming market out there that Sony is missing out on by pushing ahead with the Media Hub idea.

  • Just a straightforward question here, and if someone could answer it would be great. But, besides Blu Ray, what makes the PS3 so special in terms of being a media hub?

    I havent had a PS3 for very long, and I honestly haven’t found anything that special in the media department yet? If anything, I have to honestly say that the Xbox 360 does more. So what am I missing here? Again, aside from Blu Ray.

    What am I missing here?

  • Banana Hammock

    I use the BD a lot, the quality on my TV is vastly better than DVD. I have all my MP3s on the PS3 but i NEVER listen to them.

    What i have found useful is being able to watch all the DivX stuff i have so for me that’s great, and i’m also one of the few 60Gb owners that actually uses the memory card slots as i have an HD video camera and a Digital SLR so that makes life easier.

    But that’s not what i bought the PS3 for, i got it cause i know the quality of Sony hardware and there are some exlusives that on their own justify the R6000 i paid. So although i think the XboX is great, if i can’t play MGS4, GoW3 and the next Team ICO game then i’m not interested.

  • MGS4 = Maybe, GoW3 = ABSOLUTELY but to buy a console for a yet unannounced game… that’s maybe pushing the envelope a little to far 😉

  • Banana Hammock

    Well the reality is that it’s ALL of the one’s i mentioned and not just a single one, but what Sony did was then made me fall in love with Uncharted and KZ etc, so now i have even more reasons to stick with them.

    MS have done exactly the same with Halo and Gears etc.

  • You can watch normal movie files and divx files as well? How? Mine tells me that the movies have to be in a certain format.

  • Banana hammock

    Get the latest firmware update, the PS3 has been DivX certified since 2.6 i think.

    I’ve never had a problem with any .avi files i’ve played.

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