Start Getting Excited – Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Trailer Revealed

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Knowing that the next Modern Warfare game was simply just “on the way” seems to have had an effect on my actual excitement for the game.

It took looking at this newly revealed multiplayer trailer from Infinity Ward to remind me that I am in fact incredibly excited for this game and it’s release date needs to get here faster. This specific trailer shows off a new multiplayer element that comes in the form of the AC130 Big-Ass-Mofo-Plane that can now be controlled by players to rain down some serious death from above.

Check out the awesome-ness, posted after the jump. Be sure to catch the last little part of the trailer, it’s a nice little humorous touch.

[Thanks Poddle for the tip]

Last Updated: July 28, 2009

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  • janrik

    Custom kill streaks… awesome.

  • Dark


  • janrik

    Price just went up….

    Got this from Kalahari’s Twitter about – Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Editions — night vision goggle goodness confirmed at R2299.95 RRP. much cheaper preorders up from tomorrow

  • easy

    wow thats a little bit more than i was expecting.
    still… nv goggles, gotta get ’em

  • de wej

    WANT MOAR VIDEO NOW, not that itll work on my pc, :cwy: , sniff sniff, bye bye money 🙁

  • WrathZA

    HELL YES!!!
    Can’t wait!


    Where can i pre-order

  • Most of the local gaming companies should be taking pre-orders. Try or or or … did I miss someone?

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