Super Smash Bros. pro smashed a bro and got arrested

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Bronson “DaShizWiz” Layton, a professional Super Smash Bros player, was arrested last month after he assaulted a gas station clerk. It’s unclear what his motive was, but Layton is now facing misdemeanor chargers for assault, battery, disorderly conduct, and trespassing reports the Daily Dot.

The call to the police came in late one night when a Chevron gas station clerk had an altercation with Layton. According to the report Layton allegedly threatened the store clerk stating “I will slit your throat,” as shown on surveillance footage found by Florida police. The surveillance video also showed Layton knocking over product stands and eventually punching the clerk in the face. The kerfuffle escalated when the gas station clerk pulled a revolver out, which didn’t deter Layton as he was seen backing the clerk into a corner before leaving the store.


Upon leaving he was followed by the clerk, who tried to get more information, but was instead assaulted again in the parking lot. The clerk pinned Layton to the ground, but again lost out and was chased around the parking lot by the Smash Bros pro.

Layton plays as Falco as his main for Team Fox and hasn’t achieved much in his professional career. In 2015 he appeared at only one Major tournament. He has become notorious among the professional circuit as a hot head and has a history of violence which includes domestic violence, which has occurred multiple times.

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Layton is known for his short-fuse temper in the Super Smash Bros. world with some players going as far as refusing to play against him out of fear for their personal safety. Some players have even commended the police and those involved for putting a dangerous man away, despite him being a popular professional player.

Last Updated: February 11, 2016

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