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I am in love with the premise of this game.  Maybe it’s because cash is so disgustingly dirty and could conceivably be the source of a pandemic, or maybe it’s because it takes place in New York (my hometown).  Whatever the reason, The Division is a game I’m certainly keeping an eye on.

It all starts with a pandemic.  From there, we have the usual post-apocalyptic fall out – no social control, water, food, etc.  Yet another game to make us realize how fragile our existence is.  I like their trailer that explains all this – very well done.

So, at E3 we got to see some people playing through the demo as well.  I like the 3D mapping system, but I’m still curious about how far it’s an MMO.  We aren’t supposed to see it as an MMO, apparently it’s ‘an online, open world RPG’.  Honestly, I’m not too sure what the difference is.  In any event, it looks like a really fun game, and I would mind running around with a bunch of buddies in this version of New York City.  

The Division will release in 2014 on Xbox One and PS4.

Last Updated: June 12, 2013

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Zoe Hawkins

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  • Skyblue

    Loved the reveal from Ubisoft, Gears of the Apocalypse! The graphic detail is very intricate and it’s co-op, WIN!

  • Paul Fouche

    no pc version.. sad

    • Johan de Wit

      WHAT… :/

    • John Ambitious

      There is nothing else to say but…

      • Paul Fouche

        yeah what the hell i would say this game would be optimum for pc

  • Spathi

    Looks amazing. Kinda has a weird Dayz feel about it.

  • Zubayr Bhyat

    Wait…was that multiplayer or single player?

    • Jafricaman

      Yeah wondering the same. far too friendly for it too be a scripted npc?!

      • Zubayr Bhyat

        That or really well done voice-overs 🙂

    • Uberutang

      It was PVE coop with some PVP at the end.

      • Zubayr Bhyat

        I saw that now. The transition was amazing to see.

  • Rinceyouropinion

    I want this now!

    • Andre116

      That looks great. I think this and Destiny might be keeping us gaming for a while…if it lives up to all the hype that is.

      • Rinceyouropinion

        Yeah. Agreed. Hope they are awesome. I see that dick Foxhound is still trolling! Shame, he has been VERY quiet today. I think it must have something to do with the community thinking it a jerk! We doing some ME this Sat? I don’t need to do any awesome reviews:-P

        • Andre116

          Wish I could, but it seems like I’m being volunteered to go to a kids party on Saturday.

          I’m going to need to take something strong with if I’m to survive that.

          • Rinceyouropinion

            Shame bro, OVG and I were looking forward to catching up. Okay, that’s a lie. I was. OVG was looking forward to SHOOTING THE MOON! GRAHHH, GRAHH!

          • Andre116

            Ja, me to. My Geth Juggenaut needs to lubricate it’s joints with the blood of cerberus troopers otherwise it gets creeky.

            But ja…think of while I force a smile at snot nosed kids on Saturday.

          • Rinceyouropinion

            I have a dinner party Fri eve, should be nicely plastered by 11 to not be TOO much of a burden… You owe it to yourself! Haven’t heard from Werner for a while…

          • Andre116

            Right…about that. Wife popped the day before yesterday,

          • Rinceyouropinion

            Congrats! Emaild your gmail

          • Andre116

            Misunderstanding…Werner’s wife. I don’t think I’m the father…

          • Rinceyouropinion

            Big LOL! Another! Dude, not sure I can beat a tribe of Spillers!

          • Andre116

            Yup, Imagine the mining that is going to go on now!

  • Uberutang

    I am really hoping it comes to PC at some point. Loving what I see.

    • That Tall Twit

      Same here.

  • Jakster


    ZOMW….this game requires an internet connection consoles. To the naughty corner with it!!!!

  • ALKi1234

    By far the game that got me most excited at E3 thus far.looks SICK!!Definitely my kind of game.

  • Tbone187

    This game looks epic…Not so concerned about The Last of us any longer…Hope it’ll be a single player experience as well…

  • FoxHound R – Xbox One Day One

    only on xbox one

  • John Ambitious

    Hey, what do you know! A game set in a messed-up New York City. I wonder if there are any other cities in America, or around the world for that matter. Game looks great though.

  • Daryl Eksteen

    I really liked the look of this game.

  • Admiral Chief Commander

    The Admiral Chief approves of this game

  • Admiral Chief Commander

    The Admiral Chief approves of this game

  • Admiral Chief Commander

    Someone say Day Z?

  • ElimiNathan

    This is the future, the kind of game that I hope works as well as it should and makes BIG money so that these devs and the company they work for are rewarded for a brilliant idea and what looks like a ton of effort

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