Wait, how much is that PSPGo again?

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I ran across a story on Games Industry today about how Sony are confident that the high price of the PSPGo won’t be a barrier to success.

Which got me interested as Sony said something very similar when they released the PS3 originally so I wanted to see if they had learned from their previous mistakes and apparently they haven’t.

The PSPGo is priced at GBP224 or EUR249, a mere EUR50 less than the PS3 itself and about 10000% less powerful.

Thankfully Sony hasn’t told us to go get a second job to buy this one but they do mention that since they now offer European PSN vouchers we can turn to our children and say

“You’ve got your own money, you choose what you want to buy on the network so go buy a voucher”

So honestly do you really think that this is a fair price for the drive-less PSPGo even if it does give us the ability to shirk our parenting responsibilities?

Let’s also not forget that we will be getting a coupon to download GT PSP on release as well which sweetens the deal somewhat…

Last Updated: August 21, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • darthdad

    I’ll wait for the PSP-GO slim! :w00t:

  • wonder if we’ll ever get vouchers?makes life much easier.as for the psp go. . . . .Im seeing it for R3499, seeming as the PSP is R2400 here.bs though.I had family in the U.S And asked them to get me a psp,so I got mine for R1000 and two games. Oh. . .the joys of living in S.A,make us believe 100% above normal is just fine.

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