Who's Your Daddy? First Glimpse Of The New Big Daddy

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What’s this? It seems like GamePro’s July issue of their magazine has the first ever proper image of the new Big Daddy that will be the protagonist in the upcoming sequel to the hit radio-drama-inspired-videogame, Bioshock.

The magazine cover teases that it has secrets, ultimate combo’s and even first impressions of the online play, which means that this is probably going to be the first real look at Bioshock 2.

Now, we obviously don’t have easy access to GamePro magazines, so stay tuned to the site and we will update you as soon as the information hits the internet.

Source: GamePro [via Kotaku]

Last Updated: May 22, 2009

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  • Macethy

    Who would honestly buy this magazine? Spoiler alert? SERIOUSLY? might aswell just give away the ending and not bother buying the game. IDIOTS! :angry:

  • Chainedfly2002

    Agreed, I wonder why all the info about the game and end bosses are floating around? (okay, so it’s not that difficult to think what the end boss will bee…)

    BTW, i like the design of the character big daddy, looks like a prototype… :cheerful:

  • Brandon

    What the hell, I bought the magazine and it did not say anything that would spoil the game, all it said was new plasmids for multiplayer and simple info about the game .Seriously stop talking like you know everything, dumb asses!!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

  • er it was the magazine that splashed Spoiler Alert all over the front… not us 😉

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