All is not lost, South Africa – Dagga is now legal in your own home

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Marijuana. Dagga. Cannabis. Weed. Pot. Ganga. Whatever you call it, it’s a hotly debated substance lately. The Netherlands was the first country to legalise it, leading to drug tourism and a surge in visitors not just to their “coffee shops” but also the nearby donner and pizza places. But now attitudes are changing worldwide, with numerous states in the US legalising medicinal and recreational use. On a day when many South Africans wish they could forget everything that’s happening in the country, it appears that it’s now legally possible to do so.

The Western Cape High Court handed down a landmark ruling today, declaring that bans on the usage of dagga by adults in private homes are unconstitutional. The ruling allows for possession, cultivation and use of cannabis at home for private use, which also means that Parliament must change sections of the Drug Trafficking Act and the Medicines Control Act in the next 24 months.

The successful application to decriminalise dagga was driven by Dagga Party leader Jeremy Acton and Rastafarian Garreth Prince who argued on December 13 and 14 last year for the decriminalisation of the herb.
[…] They submitted that the laws prohibiting dagga use are unfair, discriminatory, outdated, and applied disproportionately to black users.

The two have been helping people arrested for possession of dagga by obtaining a stay of prosecution, pending the outcome of their application.

Prince was arrested for possession of dagga in 1989, while a law student at the University of the Western Cape.

He paid a R60 fine and thought that was the end of it. When he graduated and applied to the Cape Bar to be admitted as an attorney, he was rejected because of the dagga conviction, and because he refused to apologise for it.

To Prince, using dagga was a religious choice as a Rastafarian. He unsuccessfully brought an application to the Constitutional Court to have it decriminalised for religious purposes.

This is big news for South Africans of all walks of life. While this decriminalized religious practices for Rastafarians, it also can help numerous people with medical woes that can be helped with dagga. I personally know people who have benefitted from the use of cannabis oil or smoking of weed for everything from anxiety to overcoming side effects of cancer treatments. Now, we can all be a little happier in our own homes.

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Last Updated: March 31, 2017

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  • ElimiNathan

    420 everyday!

  • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

    I have nothing to add except…. Rastafarians and hippies smell like cabbage….

    • Original Heretic

      What kind of cabbage are you smoking then?!

  • Jackie

    Being a gamer keeps me broke enough to keep me safe from this :V

  • Captain JJ

    This should bring the “it’s all natural bro” crowd in quite quickly 😛

    • Original Heretic

      People who use THAT argument to justify smoking weed are at the bottom end of the intelligence pool.
      There are FAR better arguments for it.
      And it’s fun.

      • Captain JJ

        Yea. But the sad part is that those idiots are in abundance.

        • Original Heretic

          I shoot them down when I encounter them. They give pot smokers a bad name.

          Aaaaand now I have a Bon Jovi song in my head.

          • Captain JJ


  • Skittle

    Wanna get a ‘lil high?

  • Original Heretic

    Finally some sense. Too bad this news is highly marred by the other kak happening at the moment.

    • “Highly”

      • Original Heretic

        *grin* I only saw that after I posted the comment. Wondered if someone would pick it up.

    • I_am_Duffman!

      Well. Because of all the other kak happening, this will fly under the radar of all the Huisgenoot tannies that would otherwise throw up a shitstorm of complaints.

      Also, might just be me being all positive, but the other kak might not be too bad in the long run. A lot of friends turned into enemies today.

      • Original Heretic

        I am also sincerely hoping for the positive to come to pass, trust me, it’s all I’ve been hoping for since I heard the news.
        But I’m also not sure what pissed me off more: the fact that he’s done something at total and complete disregard for EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE COUNTRY…AGAIN or that it’s taken his “supporters” this long to finally wake up and smell the shit he’s been shovelling into their coffee.

  • Admiral Chief
  • Fnuik

    So Zuma isn’t such a big idiot as we all thought.
    Zuma: “I’m gonna piss everyone off with my reshuffles but I will do it a day before weed gets legalized and everyone will smoke and be happy again.”

  • Finally… as someone who suffers from chronic pain that Marijuana is proven to help this has been a long time coming.. now to get my gardening skills up to scratch

    • MonsterCheddar

      XD. Chronic pain, eh?

      • Ùnfortunately… and I’m not the biggest fan of medication

        • MonsterCheddar

          Well, there you go. PUFF PUFF. 😛

        • Original Heretic

          How are you planning to take it in? Smoking? Tea? Vaporizer?

          • I tried the oil but that didn’t do anything.. honestly don’t know enough about it. .will ask my Dr what she recommends.. Yes she’s a real Dr with a real degree and everything 😉

          • Is her name perhaps Dr Victor?

          • Captain JJ

            You say that like women doctors are rare. I haven’t seen a male GP in a while, tbh. 😀 This is excellent news though for people who do suffer from pain, it really makes a huge difference that a lot of people don’t always want to admit/realise.

          • … I was actually trying to avoid people telling me I’m going to a witchdoctor or homeopath or some quack like that.. sorry didn’t even think twice about the gender 😐

          • Captain JJ

            Oh. Hehe. Then it’s on me for going there XD So much for trying to be evolved.

          • Original Heretic

            If you’re not a smoker, avoid the smoking aspect.
            Use a vaporizer, it’s the healthiest option.
            Ingesting the stuff via food or drink, that has another affect on you, much more likely to be adverse.

            Just my 2c.

    • Admiral Chief

      Chronic butthurt about sucking at Overwatch?


    • I_am_Duffman!

      So where would you find the seeds though?

      • Original Heretic

        Yeah that would be a challenge for the medicinal stuff. The guys who grow that generally keep their seeds very closely guarded.

  • MonsterCheddar

    Puff Puff Pass.

  • Magoo
  • Admiral Chief
  • Captain JJ

    The religious practices thing I feel might be a stretch though, imho.

    • More believable than people thinking bread turns into the body of christ and wine into his blood.. which is creepy af when you think about it

      • Captain JJ

        My point is that religions spring up like nothing. So if Scientology says sniffing cookie dough is a religious thing then suddenly it’s all good. I don’t think for something with medicinal or scientific benefits religion should carry weight in court…but then again…that’s exactly what they do, isn’t it?

      • konfab

        My religion deems it necessary not to pay tax.

        I am a taxifarian after all.

        • Admiral Chief

          I need to convert

          • Captain JJ

            Me too.

  • Ross Woofels Mason

    Now I can finally stop shitting myself about my plants rofl.

  • top_kek

    Finance minister being replaced? “It is groovy, we have legal weed”

  • top_kek

    This is going to be a cruel April fools joke.

    • Captain JJ

      It would be even worse for not being on April 1st. But then again, our president can’t count, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

  • TJames47
  • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd


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