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Midweek Mouth-off: Time to get animated

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With Rise of the Guardians opening in South Africa this Friday, today we want to know about your animation tastes. Do you continue to watch animated movies at the cinema, even if you don’t have children in tow? Do you generally dismiss animated films as saccharine kids’ stuff, or is it more case-by-case? Also, what are your favourite animated films of all time (whether old school cartoon or CGI)?

  • DarthofZA

    I love animated movies, but avoid most of them like the plague… I let my friends with kids watch them first with their kids, and if they say its worth watching for adults as well, then I quickly make a plan to see them, otherwise I don’t bother. I do tend to watch everything by PIXAR though as they have yet to let me down. Over a third of the movies I own are animated, and I’m pretty sure it will always be that way.

    Favourite animations include Titan AE, Aladin, Toy Story 3 and Shrek.

  • Love animated movies, but if I’m watching them in the cinema I’ll usually go to a late screening to avoid the mass of children.

  • It’s weird, was practically raised on Looney Toons, and still have a love for all things animated, yet I very rarely go see animated stuff in the cinema.

  • I only catch animations at cinemas if I’m in the mood for 3D. Otherwise I’ll wait for the DVD.

    As for favourites, there are too many. But off the top of my head: Triplets of Belleville, Heavy Metal (both of them), My Neighbor Tortoro, Up, Wizards, Fritz The Cat, Rats Of Nimh and Persepolis. I’ve also heard great things about Redline and recently a friend put me onto The Secret Of Kells.

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