Warner Bros. Weighing HD DVD Offer?

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Just like the title says… It is being reported today that Warner Bros. are weighing up an offer to become HD-DVD exclusive.

Warner Bros. used to be Blu-Ray exclusive but then decided to release all future titles on both formats and now may be heading over to the other side.

This would follow in the footsteps of Paramount and Dreamworks and would give the HD-DVD crowd some real backing in the content department.

At the same time it is being reported that Toshiba are offering Wal-Mart a large sack of cash to market HD-DVD players in this upcoming holiday season.

I am starting to think Sony has bitten off more than it can chew as it doesn’t have a big enough war chest to fight the console war and the Blu-Ray war at the same time. Possibly overly ambitious from Sony?

Warner Bros. Weighing HD DVD Offer?

Last Updated: September 11, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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  • MarioAna

    Why does everyone keep saying that Blu-Ray is Sony’s?

    Sony is one of 150+ companies that are on the Blu-Ray board which includes Panasonic, Apple, Samsung, LG, Pioneer, Sharp and the list goes on.

    And when you talk about the “war chest” not being big enough, Samsung are in the top 10 world’s biggest companies. To put that in perspective i think Microsoft is somewhere in the 50s. So the money backing Blu-Ray is big enough. The only question is which side is willing to throw alot of money into this war and it seems as if both side are willing to put huge money into it.

    HD-DVD also has over 100 companies backing it so this thing is going to be going on for a while.

  • abe

    Thats exactly what I was thinking MarioAna,
    The bluray camp has a larger “war chest” than the HD DVD camp so why do they keep letting this kind of thing happen?

  • J4NR1K
  • abe

    Yea lets all run to the cheap chinese knock off

  • MarioAna

    I hear you get a set of new Mattel toys with every CH-DVD purchase!

  • Wilson Dyer

    the only way hd-dvd stand any chance of winning this war is to pay off people just like they did with paramount. money does talk but at least bluray has not gone so low yet although they may be forced to one day do the same. shame poor hd-dvd, they must be quaking in their boots to have to resort to paying off companies.

  • LazySAGamer

    Wilson, I wouldn’t say they are quaking in their boots if the companies are taking the bribes…. It seems like normal business to me… I still say they will both lose though 😉

  • Bob

    This story is apparently bogus. Warner was offered a bribe at the same time as Paramount but decided to stay dual-format.

    I can’t be arsed to find the link, though.

  • MarioAna

    Hey look, i have a PS3 so i want Blu-Ray to win. I don’t care which format is better, better does not mean winner.

    But you have to be crazy if you think that Blu-Ray has not bought plenty of support. This is business and bribery is a normal part of big business these days.

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