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Batman’s rogues gallery are going to war with each other

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When it comes to villains, it’s hard to top the dark knight. Generally speaking, I’d prefer to have less than capable people nursing a massive haterection for me, but Batman regularly finds himself challenged by people who can put his mental or physical prowess. Sometimes even both depending on the flavour of the week.

Batman’s assorted rogues don’t exactly get along with each either, usually preferring to operate solo lest their paths tangle. Sure, there’s been the odd team-up here and there, but Batman villains are an anti-social bunch (except for Two-Face HEYOH MENTAL PROBLEMS!). What happens when the bad guys decide that they’ve had enough of one another then? They go to war.

While the dark knight will face threats both dark and metal in the months to come in a larger event that has consequence for the entire DC Universe, he’ll have a more immediate danger on the horizon soon when this conflict plays out in the pages of Batman comics as the Riddler and the Joker gather an army of miscreants for “The War of Jokes and Riddles”.

According to Batman News, the entire war is sparked by an effort to prove who the Batman’s greatest nemesis truly is. The Joker and the Riddler aren’t just battling it out for exclusive bragging rights to stalking the caped crusader, but a chance to thin the competition out along the way. Batman writer Tom King teased the 8-part event over on Twitter, with numerous sneak peeks at the art:

King revealed at the Fan Expo Dallas that issues 25-26, 29 and 31-32 will contain the bulk of the story as drawn by artist Mikel Janin, with issues 27 and 30 shining the spotlight on one of the lesser known villains caught up in the brouhaha. Where’s Batman in the midst of all this? Caught in the middle, trying to minimise the fallout of their war and put an end to the mad schemes of the Joker and the Riddler before Gotham is turned into a smoking crater.

What’s so civil about war, huh?

Last Updated: April 4, 2017

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