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Dark Nights Death Metal is reuniting the band for a new comic book album of over the top action

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Out of all the wild crossovers and reality threatening events to come out of DC Comics, Dark Nights Metal stands head and shoulders above them all as the most metal AF thing that the Distinguished Competition has ever released. Dreamt up by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, the plot is easy enough to get a grip on: The discovery of a Dark Multiverse made up of failures, bad decisions and death, rising up from the abyss of reality and sending forth twisted evil versions of Batman to drag our more positive Multiverse down into the shadows with it.

The day may have eventually been saved, but the fallout from Dark Nights Metal has been felt throughout the Multiverse since then: The Source Wall was breached and opened up the universe to unimaginable new threats, the Justice League formed new teams to deal with the unknowable danger of tomorrow and the deadliest dark knight, The Batman Who Laughs, began a campaign of terror after he was marooned in our reality.

It’s a series that is well worth a read due to it having both style and substance, something you’ll want to do if you’re planning to hop into the upcoming sequel that reunites the band of Snyder and Capullo for Dark Nights: Death Metal. This time the spotlight is on Wonder Woman, as she fights back against The Batman Who Laughs after he succeeds in taking over the world with the help of the mother of the Multiverse, Perpetua:

The Earth has been consumed by Dark Multiverse energy, having been conquered by the Batman Who Laughs and his evil lieutenants, corrupted versions of Shazam, Donna Troy, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Hawkman, and Commissioner Jim Gordon.

Some heroes, like Wonder Woman and the Flash, have made compromises as they negotiate to keep humanity alive in this hell-born landscape. Others, like Batman, are part of an underground resistance looking to take back control of their world. Superman is imprisoned, cursed to literally power Earth’s sun for eternity.

But a mysterious figure provides Wonder Woman with vital information she might be able to use to rally Earth’s remaining heroes to resist the Batman Who Laughs. Can the Justice League break away from the Dark Multiverse and defeat Perpetua?

“I’ve been waiting to do this story since we finished Dark Nights: Metal,” Snyder said in the official reveal.

As much as it was a complete event, we left some threads hanging there for sure. I’d hoped that if people liked the first series enough, we’d have a chance to set up something bigger, and that’s our plan for Death Metal.

“For all of us, Dark Nights: Death Metal is about the fun factor,” added Capullo.

Comics should be fun, bombastic, and over-the-top. This series is going to be exciting and jam-packed with great ‘metal-esque’ moments that will make fans lose their minds when they see them.

The series kicks off in May! So grab a zippo, don your battle jacket and prepare yourself for a metal return to DC at its wildest.

Last Updated: February 13, 2020


  1. Oh yea! I hope there’s a music collab like before as well


  2. Hammersteyn

    February 14, 2020 at 07:48

    This could be awesome material for a movie.


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