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Mondo is ready to raze hell with a sixth-scale DOOM Eternal Slayer

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Mondo Doom Guy (1)

Earlier this week, I ran a post about Prime 1’s upcoming DOOM Eternal statue which features the iconic Doom Slayer in all his demon-slaying glory. It’s gorgeous, massive and obscenely detailed stuff that has a slight caveat: It’s pretty much out of the price range for the average nerd. At $2400 for a gigantic slab of intricately designed polystone, I’m happy to live vicariously through other collectors and gaze at photos of the beast once they have it in their custody.

Alternatively, there is another collectible on the way featuring the Doom Slayer! One that is still going to cost a few shiny pennies but considerably less so than Prime 1’s work of art. Pop culture powerhouse Mondo is giving Doom Guy the sixth scale treatment, shrinking the mad bastard down to a more manageable size and giving him a ton of articulation to boot. Here’s what the digital prototype looks like so far thanks to the talented sculpting skill of Anissa Tchoub:

“This boy is BEEFY, so we’re taking the extra time to make sure he’s ready to slay some Cacodemons and Hellknights,” Creative Director of Toys and Collectibles Brock Otterbacher wrote on Mondo.

What you’re going to see below are all works in progress, and the final figure may not come with everything shown, but we can promise he’ll come with A LOT. The sculpture is based on the in-game files, with sculptor Anissa Tchoub putting a lot of care put into articulating him and adding fun details.

What has reached the prototype stage so far, is the chainsaw, Crucible Sword, BFG-9000 and a Lost Soul demon. There’s also a stack of hands, a helmet that can be removed and a decent amount of articulation overall. Throw in a good ankle pivot and an action stand to put Doom Guy in some exciting poses, and this will be a day one pre-order for me. RIP AND TEAR INTO MY COLLECTION!

Last Updated: March 25, 2020

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