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It’s official! Comic Con Africa is coming

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It doesn’t matter what your age, biological make-up or ethnicity is these days: Everybody loves comic books. What was once a niche hobby has exploded in recent years and currently enjoys plenty of mainstream attention. What does matter sadly, is the part of the globe that you call home. The best content that the comic book industry has to offer, is usually found at geek gatherings in the form of comic book conventions.

While South Africa is no stranger to these events thanks to the pioneering work done by events such as FanCon and ICON, there’s something to be said about the idea of having an official Comic Con hosted here in the southernmost point of the African continent. Just imagine it: Comic Con Africa. Well imagine no more and hold onto your butts, because it’s happening.

Comic Con is coming to Africa. Organised by Reed Pop, in partnership with VS Gaming, Comic Con Africa joins a line-up of events that already features similar conventions in New York, Seoul, Paris and the big daddy Emerald City Comicon of Washington. So what can you expect from the very first such official event going down this year in Johannesburg?

A top line-up of comic book industry heavyweights on the floor and in panels, plenty of cosplay and a ton of merch that’ll have your wallet screaming. With nerdgasms of course. Finally, the African Comic Con dream has come true. Its organisers promise its the biggest event of its sort in the country.

Comic Con Africa will kick off from September 14-16, at the Kyalami Convention Center in Johannesburg. According to the organisers, there will be attractions in the form of gaming, eSports, cosplay and panels featuring local and international guests.

Update: Guests will include video game voice over heavyweight artists Nolan North and Troy Baker, actors from Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory. More guest will be present, with confirmations to be announced in the months to come.

We’ve been told that the VS Masters and its LAN event will be held at Comic Con Africa, as it moves away from rAge this year.

Stay tuned to this page as we update with more details, and follow us on Twitter where we’ll be revealing more from the event’s reveal. 

Last Updated: February 21, 2018

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