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The best comic book covers of the week – 17 February 2019

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There’s a new Bat in town! For years, Gotham has been protected by Batman and his extended bat-family, but a dark shadow exists within the infamous city of crime. While Bruce Wayne may use the idea of a bat to strike fear into the heart of criminals, he’s only dressed like the infamous creature of the night. Dr. Kirk Langstrom on the other hand, is a bat…man. Or a Man-Bat to be precise!

Cursed to transform into the nightmarish abomination of science gone horribly wrong, Langstrom’s Man-Bat persona resulted in an unwilling monster. What if Langstrom wanted to be a monster though? That’s the question that the new Man-Bat series will ask, as writer Dave Wielgosz artist Sumit Kumar get to work on a tale where the infamous doctor embraces the monster within:

Man Bat

For years Kirk Langstrom has struggled with his monstrous alter ego Man-Bat and the serum that transformed him. But he’s finally hit rock bottom following a devastating setback, and he’s going to take out his anger on every single citizen of Gotham City. Will the combined might of Batman and the GCPD be enough to stop Langstrom once and for all? Or will this just be the start of Man-Bat’s devastation?

And now I’m flashing back to Batman: Arkham Knight and its magical ability to instantly ruin clean pants whenever you came face to face with man-Bat in those sequences. While I go change my pants, here’s a look at the best comic book covers of the week:

Comic book covers of the week by:

  1. Justice League #41 by Jamal Campbell
  2. Nightwing #69 by Alan Quah
  3. Fantastic Four #19 by Nick Bradshaw
  4. Daredevil #18 by Julian Totino Tedesco
  5. Teen Titans #39 by Khary Randolph
  6. Captain America #19 by Alex Ross
  7. Deadly Class #43 by Wes Craig
  8. Captain Marvel #15 by Mark Brooks
  9. Wolverine #1 by Clayton Crain
  10. Spawn #305 by Jason Shawn Alexander
  11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #103 by Sam Lofti
  12. Guardians Of The Galaxy #2 by Ivan Shavrin
  13. Deadpool #3 by Chris Bachalo
  14. Ghost-Spider #7 by Paul Pope
  15. Flash Forward #6 by Evan Shaner
  16. Legion of Super-Heroes #4 by Alex Garner
  17. Middlewest #15 by Jorge Corona
  18. Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #2 by Daniel Warren Johnson
  19. Firefly #14 by by Daniel Warren Johnson
  20. DCeased: Unkillables #1 by Howard Porter
  21. Family Tree #4 by Phil Hester
  22. Wonder Twins #12 by Stephen Byrne
  23. Plunge #1 by Jeremy Wilson
  24. Skulldigger + Skeleton Boy #3 by Patric Reynolds
  25. The Transformers #17 by Livio Ramondelli
  26. Bitter Root #6 by Chris Brunner
  27. Red Mother #3 by Jeremy Haun
  28. 2020 Machine Man #1 by Dave Rapoza
  29. The Visitor #3 by Alan Quah
  30. Red Sonja: Age of Chaos #2 by Lucio Parrillo
  31. Sera and the Royal Stars #6 by Audrey Mok
  32. Godkillers #1 by Jeremy Haun

For the best comic book covers of February 2020 so far, check here:

Last Updated: February 17, 2020

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