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What to expect from DC Comics for the rest of 2017

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Comics! Get yer comics! Right here, hot off the press! With the 2017 finish line in place, it’s time to wrap up another year’s worth of storylines as DC Comics looks ahead to a massive 2018 now that their Rebirth initiative has reinvigorated their pantheon of heroes. So what lies ahead? Here’s a round-up of the biggest titles on the way (Minus Dark Nights: Metal but more on that later), which will clue you in on what 2017 still has in store for the DC Universe.

Action Comics

DC Comics 2017 (2)

The Oz Effect kicks into overdrive, as Superman discovers the true identity of Mr Oz and the connection to the Multiverse being reshaped by a sinister outside force from beyond time space. That epic kicks off in Action Comics #987 with a five-part story, that will leave the hope that the man of steel has for humanity shaken as his family is drawn into the crossfire.


DC Comics 2017 (5)

Exiled from Atlantis, left for dead and desperate to dethrone King Rath, Aquaman finds himself forging dangerous new alliances in a lethal game of wits as he seeks a renewed purpose as the true king of the seven seas.


DC Comics 2017 (7)

The War of Jokes and Riddles reaches its bloody conclusion as the Joker and the Riddler face off for control of Gotham, leading into Batman’s greatest adventure yet: Marriage. Having proposed to Catwoman, Batman’s next quest seemingly puts him on the opposite side of the law as friends and allies begin to hunt the caped crusader down as he plays the most dangerous of games.


DC Comics 2017 (6)

The Summer of Lies continues, with Batgirl juggling traps, villains from the past and her on-again off-again romance with Dick Grayson. All this, while the duo find themselves going down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland as the danger escalates.

All Star Batman

DC Comics 2017 (4)

The First Ally story comes to a close, as Batman races to protect the Genesis Engine from falling into the hands of the most unlikeliest of foes as the dark knight faces the prospect of losing not only his life but his entire future as well.

Batman and the Signal


Batman may be the night that criminals fear, but the day belongs to the Signal as the dark knight’s newest ally takes to the streets. Duke Thomas is ready to protect Gotham, and he’ll do so from out of the shadow of the bat and in broad daylight as a new symbol of hope.


DC Comics 2017 (8)

METAL VS. METTLE continues, as Victor Stone finds himself aligned with his twisted reflection in his mission to obtain the cure to the OTAC virus. After that wraps up, Anomaly will make his presence known with an army of cybernetic monsters that will push Cyborg to the limits of what man and machine are capable of in The Singularity.


DC Comics 2017 (9)

Committed to a life of justice, Slade Wilson’s new team Defiance find themselves at odds with their leader and his harsh methods, while being forced into impossible situations. Can Deathstroke ever truly redeem himself, or will secrets and lies unravel the trust of the gang before they can even truly become a team? And just what does the Society have planned for Deathstroke?

Detective Comics

DC Comics 2017 (10)

Anarky returns in Dystopia, ready to show Spoiler the twisted utopia that he has built beneath Gotham City. Meanwhile, Tim Drake finds himself stranded in Mr Oz’s prison beyond time and space, leaving Red Robin with his wits alone as he seeks to escape the inescapable in the storyline A Lonely Place of Living.

Doom Patrol

DC Comics 2017 (11)

DC’s misfits return, as everyone is eating S**t, Lotion the cat returns from his journey and Robot-Man punches more stuff. The oddest series around, only the Doom Patrol can save the world from going bonkers. More than usual at least, in this surreal revival of the manic team.

Doomsday Clock

Doomsday Clock

DC has being keeping mum on what the Doomsday Clock truly is, but what appears to be the re-introduction of the Watchmen to the DCU kicks off a 12-issue run soon from writer Geoff Johns, artist Gary Frank and colourist Brad Anderson.

Green Lanterns

DC Comics 2017 (12)

Out of Time comes to a close as Simon Baz finds his will tested by the first and most powerful Lantern, Volthoom. With that threat seen to, Baz and Jessica Cruz trek back to Earth for new adventures both global and personal. Like getting actual jobs, in addition to their roles as intergalactic peacekeepers. Also, Bolphunga the Unrelenting might be in need of some protection from a foe who may have caused him much relenting.

Green Arrow

DC Comics 2017 (13)

Oliver Queen begins his final battle against the Ninth Circle as he drafts in the Justice League to help assault the orbiting space station of the super-criminal money-laundering operation. A Trial of Two Cities begins next, as Green Arrow finds himself battling a murder charge, ghosts of the past and the sudden resurgence of a family member he never expected to see again.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps

DC Comics 2017 (14)

The New Gods are in peril with Godkiller robots in hot pursuit, and only the Green Lantern Corps can save the day as Hal Jordan seeks to protect the universe from the ultimate extinction event. With the Sinestro Corps now also working alongside the Green Lanterns, Jordan picks up on rumours that Sinestro himself might still be alive. Or is this all a plot for an old enemy to draw the Green Lantern back to Earth for some sweet revenge in Mind Games?

Harley Quinn

DC Comics 2017 (15)

If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em! Tired of having to deal with the corrupt mayor DeParto of New York City, Harley Quinn embarks on her most ambitious plan yet: Running for office, as she plays the political game and seeks to dethrone the elected official of Manhattan. The Mayor isn’t exactly adverse to playing a dirty game come election time, as he unleashes some of the most dangerous assassins on Quinn.

Now might be a god time to think of moving to another city as the political arena heats up.

Justice League

DC Comics 2017 (16)

The legacy of the Justice League is in peril, as a rogue Aquaman from the future has begun hunting down the time-travelling kids of the team yet to be. And that’s just the start of the Legacy epic, as secrets are revealed and new alliances are formed with all of Earth and its history at stake, before the Dark Knights arrive in Bats Out of Hell arrive for a Batman: Metal tie-in.

Mister Miracle

DC Comics 2017 (17)

Highfather of the New Gods is dead, Darkseid has the Anti-Life Equation and all of creation is at stake. Only a broken god can stop the greatest threat to the Multiverse, but Mister Miracle might find himself finally stuck in a trap that even he cannot escape as Darkseid and Orion’s forces wage war on the plains of New Genesis. A war that Darkseid has prepared for…

The Flash

DC Comics 2017 (18)

New Negative-Flash powers have left Barry Allen’s career as a hero in jeopardy, while his personal life suffers as well in Bloodline. To make matters worse, Bloodwork arrives on the scene as this new villain has designs and ties to the Flash that make him a force to be reckoned with. Even if the Flash wins, he still loses as he finds that any action taken has an equal and opposite effect on those around him.


DC Comics 2017 (19)

Dreams, murder and sobriety. John Constantine is in for the toughest mystery of his career as he becomes involved in a murder case, which he’ll follow up with another strange death as one of his closest allies becomes the grateful dead in The Bardo Score.

Wonder Woman

DC Comics 2017 (20)

Someone is murdering the offspring of the almighty, and only Diana can stop this deicide from unfolding further in Children of the Gods. In Times Past, Grail returns as she seeks to restore Darkseid to his full power following his temporary death in the Darkseid War. Can Wonder Woman and her secret brother Jason work together long enough to stop the greatest evil in the DCU from being reborn?

Nightwing: New Order

DC Comics 2017 (22)

In an alternate future, humanity’s greatest heroes have fallen and Nightwing is to blame. The former boy wonder lives his days as a hunter of metahumans, but when the Crusaders begin to target Grayson he may find himself seeking help and redemption from those he has preyed upon for so many years in the New Order.


DC Comics 2017 (21)

As Superman races to save Lex Luthor from being crowned the new lord of Apokolips and bring peace to the war-ravaged planet in Imperius Lex, the man of steel will also need super-eyes in the back of his head as the court of Darkseid plot in the background. Can Luthor survive long enough to abdicate the throne, and is Superman the king that Apokolips deserves?

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