And the winners of our BATMAN V SUPERMAN competition are…

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Good Monday to all you crazy cats out there! Of course today is Human Rights day and what better way to celebrate than to win some awesome SWAG?! Well, the time for the draw is here, and let me tell you we had quite a few entries, the most for any of our competitions actually. And to THAT chap who thought entering over 100 times would increase his chances 100 fold, only unique emails are entered. Right, what is up for grabs?! BEHOLD!

Rather nice hey!? So, to the mobile!


Congratulations to Jacques Neethling, Sam Naicker and Neil Naidoo! You very very lucky people have one a hamper of epic levels! I’ll be following up with you individually later in the week.

Once again thank you to Times Media Films for a great giveaway!

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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