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Win a Ted DVD with Nu Metro!

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A magical, living teddy bear who you hang out with to hit on chicks and imbibe all sorts of rather questionable substances together? No, this isn’t a psychological case study on Darryn’s inability to make real friends, we’re talking about Ted today, the hilarious comedy from Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane, starring Macfarlane himself as the voice of foul-mouthed teddy bear Ted and Mark Wahlberg as the slacker who wished him to life as a kid.

We really enjoyed the movie when it came out earlier in the year, but if you missed it then have no fear! Thanks to the kind folks at Nu Metro, you’ll get to take home your very own Ted. On DVD, that is.

The film hit DVD and Blu Ray last week on 3 December 2012, but since we know that times are tight, we want one lucky person to save their Randelas and win a copy of the DVD instead. Free. Gratis. For nothing. Or at least as close to nothing as you can get. All you have to do to enter is just leave a comment below. That’s it. Well, except for also giving us your bank account number and pin (I may or may not be lying about that last part). The competition closes on 16 December 2012, and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

And to give you a reminder of what it is you’re standing a chance of winning, have a look at Noelle’s review where she said that Ted was “consistently entertaining”, a “goofy good time” and had “more heart than you’d expect.” All that and Mila Kunis? That’s all the evidence I need! What’s that, you want more? Well then how about the very NSFW Red Band for the film.

And here’s Ted himself to give you the details of all the hilarious sounding extras that you’ll be able to find on this DVD and Blu Ray.

• Gag Reel – Not going to lie. I blame the director.
• Ted: The Making of
• Feature Commentary with Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin and Mark Wahlberg – Yeah, right. Where is MY commentary track?

• Deleted Scenes – One of these is literally called “Pooped in my Hand.” And it’s in HD.
• Alternate Takes – These scenes didn’t make it to the final cut… which is why they have random drug testing now.
• Teddy Bear Scuffle – All real, I lost my eye, but nailed Wahlberg in his tenders.
• Advanced Virtual Remote and Keyboard – Control Blu-­‐ray™ features and communicate with ease.
• Video Timeline – Instantly access any point in the film.
• Mobile-­‐To-­‐Go – Transfer exclusive bonus features to your device to enjoy anytime, anywhere.
• Browse Titles – Access a library of available titles and previews.
• Includes UltraViolet and Digital Copy of Ted

Remember, just leave a comment below before the 16 December to enter, and we’ll help to fill up one of your Christmas stockings.


Last Updated: December 12, 2012

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