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2013 may just be the most profitable year ever for Disney

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It’s been a weird year for movies. Big screen blockbusters that had all the markings of a money-maker movie have tanked this year, while several low key features have surprised studios and raked in plenty of cash. Disney has experienced that firsthand, with several of their films either flopping or soaring.

But they’ve had more ups than downs, as they crossed the $4 billion mark for the first time this year.

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The previous record set by the Walt Disney studio was $3.791 billion back in 2010. 2013 has also seen Walt Disney reach the $1 billion mark the quickest and reach $2 billion in revenue from international markets faster than anyone else as well. So which movies earned Disney the most cash?

Iron Man 3 led the way for the house of mouse, making over $1.2 billion globally, while Monsters University earned $744 million and Oz: The Great and the Powerful made an early 2013 splash with $493 million. Thor :The Dark World is still earning some big bucks, and its currently sitting on $552 million so far. And that’s before Disney even caps off the year with its real big gun, Frozen.

The latest animated film from the Tangled team has already made $243 390 from an exclusive showing at the El Capitan Theatre, with the movie earning positive word of mouth so far. Alongside the upcoming Saving Mr Banks, Disney could easily be looking at ending their 2013 with another $300-$400 million.

Last Updated: November 28, 2013

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