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5 Delicious Movie Night Snack Recipes

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With ubiquitous streaming services available today, gaining access to top TV shows and movies is now easier and more accessible than ever, according to IndieWire.com. Big blockbuster movies aren’t even going to the big screen these days. They are going straight to steaming (see here). While many still do enjoy going to the cinema, enjoying your favorites at home offers so much more convenience. It also gives you the opportunity to specialize your menu. Here are the top five you’ll want to be sure to include with your favorites.

Customized Trail Mix

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The really interesting thing about trail mix is that it not only keeps things exciting, but it can also serve as a quick, nutritious dose of protein. A well-designed mixture of the right ingredients will not only give the taste buds a lift, but it’ll keep you awake and energized through the entire showing. Another good thing about trail mix is that you don’t necessarily need to spend hours and hours over the oven. You can head down to the health store and pick up a few bags of your favorites and throw them in a bowl. Be sure to include pineapple chips, pretzels, walnuts, raisins, and mini marshmallows.

Almonds, dark chocolate, and cranberries are other excellent combinations that can’t be overlooked. Almonds will give the crunch you need, while the cranberries will tie everything together with a nice little tart aftertaste. Don’t forget the mixture of accompanied vitamin C. If you really want to go tropical and satisfy the taste buds try a mixture of sunflower seeds, pecans, and dried mango chips. Seeds, fruit, and nuts will offer the perfect trifecta of a well-balanced trail mix. Just be sure to go with lightly salted sunflower seed to help keep the sodium down.

Sweet Iced Tea

When most people think of movie night snacks, popcorn, milk duds, and raisins are the first things that come to mind. Well, you need something delicious to wash all that down with. There is nothing more satisfying than a decadent helping of the sweetest, sweet tea available. That said, tea doesn’t necessarily need to be packed full of sugar to be sweet. There are plenty of alternatives that are just as exciting, refreshing, and fulfilling. Consider actual tea leaves instead of those sugary, powdered mixtures you find stocked on the grocery store shelves.

Some of the best naturally sweet tea leaves that can’t be overlooked are Rooibos, Licorice Root, Chamomile, and Bee Pollen. Leaves like Chamomile and Bee Pollen will also offer calming effects while doing wondering for the immune system. Bee Pollen has long been used and will likely be used for years to come to help combat severe allergy symptoms. Chamomile, you simply can’t go wrong with, and different Chamomile grown in different regions offer different tastes and effects. Don’t be afraid to mix things up!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Pretzels are an excellent snack alone, but coat and dress them in your favorite chocolates and you are going to bring a whole new element to the atmosphere. You can choose any pretzel design you want, but the traditional pretzel twists and long rods are some of the most popular amongst the crew at Corrie Cooks. Choosing such pretzels guarantees that you achieve the perfect mixture of crunchy salty goodness to chocolate. Chocolate-covered pretzels are also a good item you can include in your trail mix. Don’t forget to throw in some chips or sprinkles to make things even more exciting.

Popcorn Bars 

You simply cannot have a movie night without popcorn. This would be like going to the grocery store without a list or money. While popcorn is a tried and tested favorite amongst moviegoers, it has become played out over the years. People have made great strides and devoted efforts over the years to keep things interesting and exciting by offering caramel corn and cinnamon-inspired flavors. However, if you want to try something entirely different, yet not too overly complicated, you can opt for popcorn bars.

All you’ll need to throw this combination together is 5 tablespoons of unsalted butter, 1 (10 oz) mixture of marshmallows, 9 cups of salted popcorn, 1 cup of pretzel twists, 1 cup of roasted peanuts, and cooking spray. Start by melting the butter in a large saucepan on medium heat. Occasionally add the marshmallows with the appropriate amount of stirring just until they melt. 

When they start to melt remove the heat and throw in your popcorn, pretzels, and peanuts.

Coat a minimal deep oven dish with cooking spray and spread out your newly created mixture. Press the mixture into the pan and sprinkle more peanuts. Let the concoction firm up for about 30 to 45 minutes, and you’ll have a newly defined delicious popcorn snack that will take movie night to new heights.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Bananas

Bananas are not only one of the all-time healthy, delicious snacks of yore, but you can literally do unlimited things with them. Just think of the banana split and how prolific it has grown in today’s society. You won’t see an ice cream shop that offers traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors without offering a banana split as well. If you want to take things even further opt for dark chocolate-dipped bananas. With the right ingredients and mixtures, you can create a delicious, decadent dish that is exciting without being too fattening.

Luckily this is also a snack that can be whipped up quickly. All you need to do is get a minimal amount of dark chocolate and melt it in a pan. Get your bananas, probe them with sticks for handling purposes, and cover them in your melted chocolate. Throw in some coconut chips or dried pineapple chips to even further spice things up.


Movie night just isn’t movie night without the right snacks. Unfortunately, movie snack time has grown into a hugely unhealthy habit over the years. As you can see, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. You can still keep movie night exciting, fresh, and delicious with a side of healthy. Try some of the above snacks for an entirely new movie night experience.

Last Updated: May 24, 2022

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