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A Firewatch movie is in development

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Most video games don’t lend themselves to movies well. Which is the reason why most video game adaptations tend to suck. Every now and then though, a video game comes out and you realise that as good as the game is, that it would also work really well as a movie. 2016’s Firewatch is one such game that has garnered interest in a movie adaptation ever since it released because it was felt that it was one of those projects with strong enough characters and a well thought out storyline.

And now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, those plans for an adaptation are finally in place with game developer Campo Santo teaming up with Snoot Entertainment and Lionsgate to bring the story of Firewatch to the big screen. Campo Santo’s Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin will produce the film, along with Snoot’s Keith Calder and Jess Wu Calder, who are both responsible for indie films like Blindspotting and Little Monsters. With the latter producers sharing the following statement

Firewatch is a stunning accomplishment, a beautiful and heart-breaking piece of art. I’m delighted that Sean and Jake are letting us ruin their perfect video game by turning it into a movie and/or TV show.

It’s great that they know that movie adaptations of video games normally ruin the game and so it’s clear they are not putting pressure on themselves to do anything different. This is all sarcastic, of course. That this film is getting made by a studio more famous for its indie movies is a good thing though, as often bloated budgets and unrealistic expectations can actually ruin these video game adaptations whereas if they just focus on keeping things simple, it could easily do the story justice.

The videogame follows Henry (voiced by Rich Sommer), a fire lookout in the Wisconsin wilderness, as he investigates strange occurrences and reports back to his supervisor, Delilah (voiced by Cissy Jones). They communicate exclusively via handheld radio as they watch over different sections of the park. Henry and Delilah have to contend with the loneliness and isolation of the job while getting to know each other over the radio. It’s a very simple, character-driven story that can easily work as a movie.

There are no writers or directors announced for this project yet, nor any planned release dates on when fans can expect Firewatch to make it to theatres.

Last Updated: August 19, 2020


  1. BradeLunner

    August 19, 2020 at 14:44

    Delilah, like Lucy Longhearst from Cybernet, are mysterious figures and we must never know what they look like.

    Also I thought after the acquisition that Campo Santo was disbanded, great to know they’re still together


  2. Krabby Paddy

    August 19, 2020 at 13:05

    Any video game to movie adaptation is placed on fire watch when announced.


  3. Iskape

    August 19, 2020 at 14:44

    Firewatch was one of those games that leaves a lasting impression on you. Very few games have done that with me. I wonder if we will get to see Delilah!


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