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A McDonald’s Monopoly game fraud is exposed in this HBO trailer for McMillions

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Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and in the case of the massive fraud case around McDonald’s infamous monopoly game, it is. In fact, the details themselves are so bizarre that you couldn’t even make this kind of thing up.  If you aren’t too familiar with the details of this unusual case, then you’re in luck as HBO is releasing a documentary series about one of the biggest cases of game fraud in history.

Titled McMillions, the 6-part series is directed by James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte, delves into the details of the elaborate crime which started in 1990 and was eventually unearthed many years later. The McDonalds Monopoly game was an annual promotion run by the world’s biggest fast-food company whereupon purchasing certain items, customers would receive game pieces which could lead to certain prizes of up to $1 million or a new car. Except that most winners only ever landed up with little more than extra food, more fries or a complimentary soft drink (and loads of unhealthy calories). And as the trailer reveals – all because it was rigged, to begin with:

The nature of this seemingly innocent case that ended up impacting the lives of many millions of people and the reputation of McDonald’s itself might not sound too captivating at first, but if this trailer is any evidence it all certainly makes for intriguing viewing and something that is sure to shine a light on just how easy it is for crimes of this nature to only be pulled off but also kept hidden for so long.  

McMillions is debuting in the US on February 3rd and will likely find its way to our shores soon via Multichoice and ShowMax. Who knew watching McDonald’s lose money could be so fun to watch?

Last Updated: January 21, 2020

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